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Hanlon, C, Saini, P, Boland, J, McIlroy, D, Poole, H and Chopra, J (2024) Psychological risk factors predictive of suicidal distress in men receiving a community-based brief psychological intervention. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviour. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0363-0234

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Molloy-Vickers, D, Chopra, J, Saini, P and Ashworth, E (2023) Long-term factors associated with positive mental health outcomes for early adolescents during Covid-19-related school closures. Psychology in the Schools. ISSN 0033-3085

Balmer, A, Sambrook, L, Roks, H, Ashley-Mudie, P, Tait, J, Bu, C, McIntyre, JC, Shetty, A, Nathan, R and Saini, P (2023) Perspectives of service users and carers with lived experience of a diagnosis of personality disorder: A qualitative study. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1351-0126

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Cloke, J, Hassan, S, Goodall, M, Ring, A, Saini, P, Tahir, N and Gabbay, M (2023) Tapping into the power of coproduction and knowledge mobilisation: Exploration of a facilitated interactive group learning approach to support equity-sensitive decision-making in local health and care services. Health Expectations, 26 (4). pp. 1692-1702. ISSN 1369-6513

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Hanlon, C, McIlroy, D, Poole, H, Chopra, J and Saini, P (2022) Evaluating the role and effectiveness of co‐produced community‐based mental health interventions that aim to reduce suicide among adults: A systematic review. Health Expectations. ISSN 1369-6513

Hanlon, C, Ashworth, E, Moore, DJ, Donaghy, B and Saini, P (2022) Autism should be considered in the assessment and delivery of mental health services for children and young people. Disability and Society. ISSN 0968-7599

Abbate, L, Chopra, J, Poole, H and Saini, P (2022) Evaluating postvention services and the acceptability of models of postvention: a systematic review. Omega: Journal of Death and Dying. ISSN 0030-2228

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Ashworth, E, Putwain, DW, McLoughlin, S, Saini, P, Chopra, J, Rosser, BA and Eames, C (2022) Ordinary magic in extraordinary circumstances: Factors associated with positive mental health outcomes for early adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adversity and Resilience Science. ISSN 2662-2416

Hanlon, C, Chopra, J, Boland, JE, McIlroy, D, Poole, H and Saini, P (2022) The James’ Place model: Application of a novel clinical, community-based intervention for the prevention of suicide among men. Journal of Public Mental Health. ISSN 1746-5729

Chopra, J, Ashworth, E, Saini, P, Putwain, DW, McLoughlin, S, Kirkby, J, Eames, C, Hunt, A and Duffy, K (2021) Adolescents’ Lockdown-Induced Coping Experiences (ALICE) study: A qualitative exploration of early adolescents’ experiences of lockdown and reintegration. The Journal of Early Adolescence. ISSN 0272-4316

Hunt, I, Richards, N, Bhui, K, Ibrahim, S, Turnbull, P, Halvorsrud, K, Saini, P, Kitson, S, Shaw, J, Appleby, L and Kapur, N (2021) Suicide rates by ethnic group among patients in recent contact with mental health services: an observational study in England and Wales, 2007-2018. The Lancet Psychiatry, 8 (12). pp. 1083-1093. ISSN 2215-0366

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Saini, P, Faraz, M, Jo, R, Hayley, G and Maria, M (2021) Suicide prevention in primary care: the opportunity for intervention. Crisis: the Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 42 (4). pp. 241-246. ISSN 0227-5910

Saini, P, Shaima, H, Esmaeil, K-M, Mark, G, Clarissa, G, Saiqa, A, Anna, P, Lesley, H, Jane, C, Jenny, I and Mark, G (2021) The value of involving patients and members of the public in applied health services research and evaluation: a qualitative study. Research Involvement and Engagement, 7. ISSN 2056-7529

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Blaney, P and Saini, P (2021) ‘Informal families like ours seemed unaccounted for’. Psychologist. ISSN 0952-8229

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Ashworth, E, Thompson, J, York, S, Henderson, K, Jalota, MP, Shelton, J, Crosbie, V and Saini, P (2022) Assessing the social validity of a multi-modal school-based suicide prevention intervention: A scoping study. Project Report. LJMU.

Balmer, A, Sambrook, L, Roks, H, Tait, J, Ashley-Mudie, P, McIntyre, JC, Shetty, A, Nathan, R and Saini, P (2022) Patient profiles of service users with complex mental health needs: an indepth case notes analysis. Project Report. LJMU/CWP.

Ashworth, E, Molloy-Vickers, D and Saini, P (2022) A Pilot Evaluation of Self-Harm Kits in Cheshire & Merseyside: 2021-2022. Project Report. Cheshire & Merseyside Health and Care Partnership, https://www.cheshireandmerseysidepartnership.co.uk/.

Roks, H, Balmer, A, Sambrook, L, Burton, S, Tait, J, Ashley-Mudie, P, Shetty, A, Nathan, R, Saini, P and McIntyre, JC (2022) Descriptive analysis of complex mental health service users using routinely collected data. Technical Report. LJMU.

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Saini, P, Hunt, A, Taylor, P, Clements, C, Mills, C, Kvamme, K, Tahir, N, Mulholland, H, Kullu, C, Hann, M, Duarte, R, Watts, A, Guthrie, E and Gabbay, M Acceptability and feasibility of a Community Outpatient Psychotherapy Engagement Service for Self-harm: COPESS a mixed methods study. Project Report. National Institute for Health and Care Research. (Accepted)

LSCP, , Ashworth, E and Saini, P Liverpool Multi-Agency Self-Harm Practice Guidance. Manual. Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership. (Accepted)

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