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Driver, SP, Bellstedt, S, Robotham, ASG, Baldry, IK, Davies, LJM, Liske, J, Obreschkow, D, Taylor, EN, Wright, AH, Alpaslan, M, Bamford, SP, Bauer, AE, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Bilicki, M, Bravo, MJ, Brough, S, Casura, S, Cluver, ME, Colless, M, Conselice, CJ , Croom, SM, de Jong, J, D'Eugenio, F, Propris, RD, Dogruel, B, Drinkwater, MJ, Dvornik, A, Farrow, DJ, Frenk, CS, Giblin, B, Graham, AW, Grootes, MW, Gunawardhana, MLP, Hashemizadeh, A, Haussler, B, Heymans, C, Hildebrandt, H, Holwerda, BW, Hopkins, AM, Jarrett, TH, Jones, DH, Kelvin, LS, Koushan, S, Kuijken, K, Lara-Lopez, MA, Lange, R, Lopez-Sanchez, AR, Loveday, J, Mahajan, S, Meyer, MR, Moffett, AJ, Napolitano, NR, Norberg, P, Owers, MS, Radovich, M, Raouf, M, Peacock, JA, Phillipps, S, Pimbblet, KA, Popescu, CC, Said, K, Sansom, AE, Seibert, M, Sutherland, WJ, Thorne, JE, Tuffs, RJ, Turner, R, Wel, A, Kampen, EV and Wilkins, SM (2022) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Data Release 4 and the z < 0.1 total and z < 0.08 morphological galaxy stellar mass functions. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 513 (1). pp. 439-467. ISSN 0035-8711

Prieto, JL, Chen, P, Dong, S, Shappee, BJ, Seibert, M, Bersier, D, Holoien, TW-S, Kochanek, CS, Stanek, KZ and Thompson, TA (2017) The Rise and Peak of the Luminous Type IIn SN 2017hcc/ATLAS17lsn from ASAS-SN and Swift UVOT Data. Research Notes of the American Astronomical Association RN AAS, 1 (1). ISSN 2515-5172

Grootes, MW, Tuffs, RJ, Popescu, CC, Norberg, P, Robotham, ASG, Liske, J, Andrae, E, Baldry, IK, Gunawardhana, M, Kelvin, LS, Madore, BF, Seibert, M, Taylor, EN, Alpaslan, M, Brown, MJI, Cluver, ME, Driver, SP, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Holwerda, BW, Hopkins, AM , Lopez-Sanchez, AR, Loveday, J and Rushton, M (2017) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Gas Fuelling of Spiral Galaxies in the Local Universe I. - The Effect of the Group Environment on Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies. The Astronomical Journal, 153 (3). ISSN 0004-6256

Holoien, TW-S, Kochanek, CS, Prieto, JL, Grupe, D, Chen, P, Godoy-Rivera, D, Stanek, KZ, Shappee, BJ, Dong, S, Brown, JS, Basu, U, Beacom, JF, Bersier, D, Brimacombe, J, Carlson, EK, Falco, E, Johnston, E, Madore, BF, Pojmanski, G and Seibert, M (2016) ASASSN-15oi: A Rapidly Evolving, Luminous Tidal Disruption Event at 216 Mpc. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 463 (4). pp. 3813-3828. ISSN 0035-8711

Bourne, N, Dunne, L, Maddox, SJ, Dye, S, Furlanetto, C, Hoyos, C, Smith, DJB, Eales, S, Smith, MWL, Valiante, E, Alpaslan, M, Andrae, E, Baldry, IK, Cluver, ME, Cooray, A, Driver, SP, Dunlop, JS, Grootes, MW, Ivison, RJ, Jarrett, TH , Liske, J, Madore, BF, Popescu, CC, Robotham, AG, Rowlands, K, Seibert, M, Thompson, MA, Tuffs, RJ, Viaene, S and Wright, AH (2016) The Herschel-ATLAS Data Release 1 Paper II: Multi-wavelength counterparts to submillimetre sources. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. ISSN 0035-8711

Dariush, A, Dib, S, Hony, S, Smith, DJB, Zhukovska, S, Dunne, L, Eales, S, Andrae, E, Baes, M, Baldry, IK, Bauer, A, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Brough, S, Bourne, N, Cava, A, Clements, D, Cluver, M, Cooray, A, Zotti, GD, Driver, S , Grootes, MW, Hopkins, AM, Hopwood, R, Kaviraj, S, Kelvin, L, Lara-Lopez, MA, Liske, J, Loveday, J, Maddox, S, Madore, B, Michalowski, MJ, Pearson, C, Popescu, C, Robotham, A, Rowlands, K, Seibert, M, Shabani, F, Smith, MWL, Taylor, EN, Tuffs, R, Valiante, E and Virdee, JS (2016) H-ATLAS/GAMA: The nature and characteristics of optically red galaxies detected at submillimetre wavelengths. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 456 (2). pp. 2221-2259. ISSN 0035-8711

Driver, SP, Wright, AH, Andrews, SK, Davies, LJ, Kafle, PR, Lange, R, Moffett, AJ, Mannering, E, Robotham, ASG, Vinsen, K, Alpaslan, M, Andrae, E, Baldry, IK, Bauer, AE, Bamford, SP, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Bourne, N, Brough, S, Brown, MJI, Cluver, ME , Croom, S, Colless, M, Conselice, CJ, Cunha, ED, Propris, RD, Drinkwater, M, Dunne, L, Eales, S, Edge, A, Frenk, C, Graham, AW, Grootes, M, Holwerda, BW, Hopkins, AM, Ibar, E, Kampen, EV, Kelvin, LS, Jarrett, T, Jones, DH, Lara-Lopez, MA, Lopez-Sanchez, AR, Liske, J, Loveday, J, Maddox, SJ, Madore, B, Meyer, M, Norberg, P, Penny, SJ, Phillipps, S, Popescu, C, Tuffs, RJ, Peacock, JA, Pimbblet, KA, Rowlands, K, Sansom, AE, Seibert, M, Smith, MWL, Sutherland, WJ, Taylor, EN, Valiante, E, Wang, L, Wilkins, SM and Williams, R (2016) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Panchromatic Data Release (far-UV --- far-IR) and the low-z energy budget. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 455 (4). pp. 3911-3942. ISSN 0035-8711

Liske, J, Baldry, IK, Driver, SP, Tuffs, RJ, Alpaslan, M, Andrae, E, Brough, S, Cluver, ME, Grootes, MW, Gunawardhana, MLP, Kelvin, LS, Loveday, J, Robotham, ASG, Taylor, EN, Bamford, SP, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Brown, MJI, Drinkwater, MJ, Hopkins, AM, Meyer, MJ , Norberg, P, Peacock, JA, Agius, NK, Andrews, SK, Bauer, AE, Ching, JHY, Colless, M, Conselice, CJ, Croom, SM, Davies, LJM, Propris, RD, Dunne, L, Eardley, EM, Ellis, S, Foster, C, Frenk, CS, Häußler, B, Holwerda, BW, Howlett, C, Ibarra, H, Jarvis, MJ, Jones, DH, Kafle, PR, Lacey, CG, Lange, R, Lara-López, MA, López-Sánchez, ÁR, Maddox, S, Madore, BF, McNaught-Roberts, T, Moffett, AJ, Nichol, RC, Owers, MS, Palamara, D, Penny, SJ, Phillipps, S, Pimbblet, KA, Popescu, CC, Prescott, M, Proctor, R, Sadler, EM, Sansom, AE, Seibert, M, Sharp, R, Sutherland, W, Vázquez-Mata, JA, Kampen, EV, Wilkins, SM, Williams, R and Wright, AH (2015) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): end of survey report and data release 2. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 452 (2). pp. 2087-2126. ISSN 0035-8711

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