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Localization and broadband follow-up of the gravitational-wave transient GW150914

Abbott, BP and Ackley, K and Adams, C and Adams, T and Addesso, P and Adhikari, RX and Adya, VB and Affeldt, C and Agathos, M and Agatsuma, K and Aggarwal, N and Aguiar, OD and Aiello, L and Ain, A and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Allocca, A and Altin, PA and Anderson, SB and Anderson, WG and Arai, K and Araya, MC and Arceneaux, CC and Areeda, JS and Arnaud, N and Arun, KG and Ascenzi, S and Ashton, G and Ast, M and Aston, SM and Astone, P and Aufmuth, P and Aulbert, C and Babak, S and Bacon, P and Bader, MKM and Baker, PT and Baldaccini, F and Ballardin, G and Ballmer, SW and Barayoga, JC and Barclay, SE and Barish, BC and Barker, D and Barone, F and Barr, B and Barsotti, L and Barsuglia, M and Barta, D and Barthelmy, S and Bartlett, J and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Basti, A and Batch, JC and Baune, C and Bavigadda, V and Bazzan, M and Behnke, B and Bejger, M and Bell, AS and Bell, CJ and Berger, BK and Bergman, J and Bergmann, G and Berry, CPL and Bersanetti, D and Bertolini, A and Betzwieser, J and Bhagwat, S and Bhandare, R and Bilenko, IA and Billingsley, G and Birch, J and Birney, R and Biscans, S and Bisht, A and Bitossi, M and Biwer, C and Bizouard, MA and Blackburn, JK and Blair, CD and Blair, DG and Blair, RM and Bloemen, S and Bock, O and Bodiya, TP and Boer, M and Bogaert, G and Bogan, C and Bohe, A and Bojtos, P and Bond, C and Bondu, F and Bonnand, R and Boom, BA and Bork, R and Boschi, V and Bose, S and Bouffanais, Y and Bozzi, A and Bradaschia, C and Brady, PR and Braginsky, VB and Branchesi, M and Brau, JE and Briant, T and Brillet, A and Brinkmann, M and Brisson, V and Brockill, P and Brooks, AF and Brown, DA and Brown, DD and Brown, NM and Buchanan, CC and Buikema, A and Bulik, T and Bulten, HJ and Buonanno, A and Buskulic, D and Buy, C and Byer, RL and Cadonati, L and Cagnoli, G and Cahillane, C and Bustillo, JC and Callister, T and Calloni, E and Camp, JB and Cannon, KC and Cao, J and Capano, CD and Capocasa, E and Carbognani, F and Caride, S and Diaz, JC and Casentini, C and Caudill, S and Cavaglià, M and Cavalier, F and Cavalieri, R and Cella, G and Cepeda, CB and Baiardi, LC and Cerretani, G and Cesarini, E and Chakraborty, R and Chalermsongsak, T and Chamberlin, SJ and Chan, M and Chao, S and Charlton, P and Chassande-Mottin, E and Chen, HY and Chen, Y and Cheng, C and Chincarini, A and Chiummo, A and Cho, HS and Cho, M and Chow, JH and Christensen, N and Chu, Q and Chua, S and Chung, S and Ciani, G and Clara, F and Clark, JA and Cleva, F and Coccia, E and Cohadon, P-F and Colla, A and Collette, CG and Cominsky, L and Jr, MC and Conte, A and Conti, L and Cook, D and Corbitt, TR and Cornish, N and Corsi, A and Cortese, S and Costa, CA and Coughlin, MW and Coughlin, SB and Coulon, J-P and Countryman, ST and Couvares, P and Cowan, EE and Coward, DM and Cowart, MJ and Coyne, DC and Coyne, R and Craig, K and Creighton, JDE and Cripe, J and Crowder, SG and Cumming, A and Cunningham, L and Cuoco, E and Canton, TD and Danilishin, SL and D'Antonio, S and Danzmann, K and Darman, NS and Dattilo, V and Dave, I and Daveloza, HP and Davier, M and Davies, GS and Daw, EJ and Day, R and DeBra, D and Debreczeni, G and Degallaix, J and Laurentis, MD and Deléglise, S and Pozzo, WD and Denker, T and Dent, T and Dereli, H and Dergachev, V and DeRosa, RT and Rosa, RD and DeSalvo, R and Dhurandhar, S and Díaz, MC and Fiore, LD and Giovanni, MD and Lieto, AD and Pace, SD and Palma, ID and Virgilio, AD and Dojcinoski, G and Dolique, V and Donovan, F and Dooley, KL and Doravari, S and Douglas, R and Downes, TP and Drago, M and Drever, RWP and Driggers, JC and Du, Z and Ducrot, M and Dwyer, SE and Edo, TB and Edwards, MC and Effler, A and Eggenstein, H-B and Ehrens, P and Eichholz, J and Eikenberry, SS and Engels, W and Essick, RC and Etzel, T and Evans, M and Evans, TM and Everett, R and Factourovich, M and Fafone, V and Fair, H and Fairhurst, S and Fan, X and Fang, Q and Farinon, S and Farr, B and Farr, WM and Favata, M and Fays, M and Fehrmann, H and Fejer, MM and Ferrante, I and Ferreira, EC and Ferrini, F and Fidecaro, F and Fiori, I and Fiorucci, D and Fisher, RP and Flaminio, R and Fletcher, M and Fournier, J-D and Franco, S and Frasca, S and Frasconi, F and Frei, Z and Freise, A and Frey, R and Frey, V and Fricke, TT and Fritschel, P and Frolov, VV and Fulda, P and Fyffe, M and Gabbard, HAG and Gair, JR and Gammaitoni, L and Gaonkar, SG and Garufi, F and Gatto, A and Gaur, G and Gehrels, N and Gemme, G and Gendre, B and Genin, E and Gennai, A and George, J and Gergely, L and Germain, V and Ghosh, A and Ghosh, S and Giaime, JA and Giardina, KD and Giazotto, A and Gill, K and Glaefke, A and Goetz, E and Goetz, R and Gondan, L and González, G and Castro, JMG and Gopakumar, A and Gordon, NA and Gorodetsky, ML and Gossan, SE and Gosselin, M and Gouaty, R and Graef, C and Graff, PB and Granata, M and Grant, A and Gras, S and Gray, C and Greco, G and Green, AC and Groot, P and Grote, H and Grunewald, S and Guidi, GM and Guo, X and Gupta, A and Gupta, MK and Gushwa, KE and Gustafson, EK and Gustafson, R and Hacker, JJ and Hall, BR and Hall, ED and Hammond, G and Haney, M and Hanke, MM and Hanks, J and Hanna, C and Hannam, MD and Hanson, J and Hardwick, T and Harms, J and Harry, GM and Harry, IW and Hart, MJ and Hartman, MT and Haster, C-J and Haughian, K and Heidmann, A and Heintze, MC and Heitmann, H and Hello, P and Hemming, G and Hendry, M and Heng, IS and Hennig, J and Heptonstall, AW and Heurs, M and Hild, S and Hoak, D and Hodge, KA and Hofman, D and Hollitt, SE and Holt, K and Holz, DE and Hopkins, P and Hosken, DJ and Hough, J and Houston, EA and Howell, EJ and Hu, YM and Huang, S and Huerta, EA and Huet, D and Hughey, B and Husa, S and Huttner, SH and Huynh-Dinh, T and Idrisy, A and Indik, N and Ingram, DR and Inta, R and Isa, HN and Isac, J-M and Isi, M and Islas, G and Isogai, T and Iyer, BR and Izumi, K and Jacqmin, T and Jang, H and Jani, K and Jaranowski, P and Jawahar, S and Jiménez-Forteza, F and Johnson, WW and Jones, DI and Jones, R and Jonker, RJG and Ju, L and K, H and Kalaghatgi, CV and Kalogera, V and Kandhasamy, S and Kang, G and Kanner, JB and Karki, S and Kasprzack, M and Katsavounidis, E and Katzman, W and Kaufer, S and Kaur, T and Kawabe, K and Kawazoe, F and Kéfélian, F and Kehl, MS and Keitel, D and Kelley, DB and Kells, W and Kennedy, R and Key, JS and Khalaidovski, A and Khalili, FY and Khan, I and Khan, S and Khan, Z and Khazanov, EA and Kijbunchoo, N and Kim, C and Kim, J and Kim, K and Kim, N and Kim, N and Kim, Y-M and King, EJ and King, PJ and Kinzel, DL and Kissel, JS and Kleybolte, L and Klimenko, S and Koehlenbeck, SM and Kokeyama, K and Koley, S and Kondrashov, V and Kontos, A and Korobko, M and Korth, WZ and Kowalska, I and Kozak, DB and Kringel, V and Królak, A and Krueger, C and Kuehn, G and Kumar, P and Kuo, L and Kutynia, A and Lackey, BD and Landry, M and Lange, J and Lantz, B and Lasky, PD and Lazzarini, A and Lazzaro, C and Leaci, P and Leavey, S and Lebigot, EO and Lee, CH and Lee, HK and Lee, HM and Lee, K and Lenon, A and Leonardi, M and Leong, JR and Leroy, N and Letendre, N and Levin, Y and Levine, BM and Li, TGF and Libson, A and Littenberg, TB and Lockerbie, NA and Logue, J and Lombardi, AL and Lord, JE and Lorenzini, M and Loriette, V and Lormand, M and Losurdo, G and Lough, JD and Lück, H and Lundgren, AP and Luo, J and Lynch, R and Ma, Y and MacDonald, T and Machenschalk, B and MacInnis, M and Macleod, DM and Magaña-Sandoval, F and Magee, RM and Mageswaran, M and Majorana, E and Maksimovic, I and Malvezzi, V and Man, N and Mandel, I and Mandic, V and Mangano, V and Mansell, GL and Manske, M and Mantovani, M and Marchesoni, F and Marion, F and Márka, S and Márka, Z and Markosyan, AS and Maros, E and Martelli, F and Martellini, L and Martin, IW and Martin, RM and Martynov, DV and Marx, JN and Mason, K and Masserot, A and Massinger, TJ and Masso-Reid, M and Matichard, F and Matone, L and Mavalvala, N and Mazumder, N and Mazzolo, G and McCarthy, R and McClelland, DE and McCormick, S and McGuire, SC and McIntyre, G and McIver, J and McManus, DJ and McWilliams, ST and Meacher, D and Meadors, GD and Meidam, J and Melatos, A and Mendell, G and Mendoza-Gandara, D and Mercer, RA and Merilh, E and Merzougui, M and Meshkov, S and Messenger, C and Messick, C and Meyers, PM and Mezzani, F and Miao, H and Michel, C and Middleton, H and Mikhailov, EE and Milano, L and Miller, J and Millhouse, M and Minenkov, Y and Ming, J and Mirshekari, S and Mishra, C and Mitra, S and Mitrofanov, VP and Mitselmakher, G and Mittleman, R and Moggi, A and Mohan, M and Mohapatra, SRP and Montani, M and Moore, BC and Moore, CJ and Moraru, D and Moreno, G and Morriss, SR and Mossavi, K and Mours, B and Mow-Lowry, CM and Mueller, CL and Mueller, G and Muir, AW and Mukherjee, A and Mukherjee, D and Mukherjee, S and Mukund, N and Mullavey, A and Munch, J and Murphy, DJ and Murray, PG and Mytidis, A and Nardecchia, I and Naticchioni, L and Nayak, RK and Necula, V and Nedkova, K and Nelemans, G and Neri, M and Neunzert, A and Newton, G and Nguyen, TT and Nielsen, AB and Nissanke, S and Nitz, A and Nocera, F and Nolting, D and Normandin, MEN and Nuttall, LK and Oberling, J and Ochsner, E and O'Dell, J and Oelker, E and Ogin, GH and Oh, JJ and Oh, SH and Ohme, F and Oliver, M and Oppermann, P and Oram, RJ and O'Reilly, B and O'Shaughnessy, R and Ottaway, DJ and Ottens, RS and Overmier, H and Owen, BJ and Pai, A and Pai, SA and Palamos, JR and Palashov, O and Palliyaguru, N and Palomba, C and Pal-Singh, A and Pan, H and Pankow, C and Pannarale, F and Pant, BC and Paoletti, F and Paoli, A and Papa, MA and Paris, HR and Parker, W and Pascucci, D and Pasqualetti, A and Passaquieti, R and Passuello, D and Patricelli, B and Patrick, Z and Pearlstone, BL and Pedraza, M and Pedurand, R and Pekowsky, L and Pele, A and Penn, S and Perreca, A and Phelps, M and Piccinni, O and Pichot, M and Piergiovanni, F and Pierro, V and Pillant, G and Pinard, L and Pinto, IM and Pitkin, M and Poggiani, R and Popolizio, P and Post, A and Powell, J and Prasad, J and Predoi, V and Premachandra, SS and Prestegard, T and Price, LR and Prijatelj, M and Principe, M and Privitera, S and Prodi, GA and Prokhorov, L and Puncken, O and Punturo, M and Puppo, P and Pürrer, M and Qi, H and Qin, J and Quetschke, V and Quintero, EA and Quitzow-James, R and Raab, FJ and Rabeling, DS and Radkins, H and Raffai, P and Raja, S and Rakhmanov, M and Rapagnani, P and Raymond, V and Razzano, M and Re, V and Read, J and Reed, CM and Regimbau, T and Rei, L and Reid, S and Reitze, DH and Rew, H and Reyes, SD and Ricci, F and Riles, K and Robertson, NA and Robie, R and Robinet, F and Rocchi, A and Rolland, L and Rollins, JG and Roma, VJ and Romano, R and Romanov, G and Romie, JH and Rosińska, D and Rowan, S and Rüdiger, A and Ruggi, P and Ryan, K and Sachdev, S and Sadecki, T and Sadeghian, L and Salconi, L and Saleem, M and Salemi, F and Samajdar, A and Sammut, L and Sanchez, EJ and Sandberg, V and Sandeen, B and Sanders, JR and Sassolas, B and Sathyaprakash, BS and Saulson, PR and Sauter, O and Savage, RL and Sawadsky, A and Schale, P and Schilling, R and Schmidt, J and Schmidt, P and Schnabel, R and Schofield, RMS and Schönbeck, A and Schreiber, E and Schuette, D and Schutz, BF and Scott, J and Scott, SM and Sellers, D and Sentenac, D and Sequino, V and Sergeev, A and Serna, G and Setyawati, Y and Sevigny, A and Shaddock, DA and Shah, S and Shahriar, MS and Shaltev, M and Shao, Z and Shapiro, B and Shawhan, P and Sheperd, A and Shoemaker, DH and Shoemaker, DM and Siellez, K and Siemens, X and Sigg, D and Silva, AD and Simakov, D and Singer, A and Singh, A and Singh, R and Singhal, A and Sintes, AM and Slagmolen, BJJ and Smith, JR and Smith, ND and Smith, RJE and Son, EJ and Sorazu, B and Sorrentino, F and Souradeep, T and Srivastava, AK and Staley, A and Steinke, M and Steinlechner, J and Steinlechner, S and Steinmeyer, D and Stephens, BC and Stone, R and Strain, KA and Straniero, N and Stratta, G and Strauss, NA and Strigin, S and Sturani, R and Stuver, AL and Summerscales, TZ and Sun, L and Sutton, PJ and Swinkels, BL and Szczepańczyk, MJ and Tacca, M and Talukder, D and Tanner, DB and Tápai, M and Tarabrin, SP and Taracchini, A and Taylor, R and Theeg, T and Thirugnanasambandam, MP and Thomas, EG and Thomas, M and Thomas, P and Thorne, KA and Thorne, KS and Thrane, E and Tiwari, S and Tiwari, V and Tokmakov, KV and Tomlinson, C and Tonelli, M and Torres, CV and Torrie, CI and Töyrä, D and Travasso, F and Traylor, G and Trifirò, D and Tringali, MC and Trozzo, L and Tse, M and Turconi, M and Tuyenbayev, D and Ugolini, D and Unnikrishnan, CS and Urban, AL and Usman, SA and Vahlbruch, H and Vajente, G and Valdes, G and Bakel, NV and Beuzekom, MV and Brand, JFJVD and Broeck, CVD and Vander-Hyde, DC and Schaaf, LVD and Heijningen, JVV and Veggel, AAV and Vardaro, M and Vass, S and Vasúth, M and Vaulin, R and Vecchio, A and Vedovato, G and Veitch, J and Veitch, PJ and Venkateswara, K and Verkindt, D and Vetrano, F and Viceré, A and Vinciguerra, S and Vine, DJ and Vinet, J-Y and Vitale, S and Vo, T and Vocca, H and Vorvick, C and Voss, D and Vousden, WD and Vyatchanin, SP and Wade, AR and Wade, LE and Wade, M and Walker, M and Wallace, L and Walsh, S and Wang, G and Wang, H and Wang, M and Wang, X and Wang, Y and Ward, RL and Warner, J and Was, M and Weaver, B and Wei, L-W and Weinert, M and Weinstein, AJ and Weiss, R and Welborn, T and Wen, L and Weßels, P and Westphal, T and Wette, K and Whelan, JT and White, DJ and Whiting, BF and Williams, RD and Williamson, AR and Willis, JL and Willke, B and Wimmer, MH and Winkler, W and Wipf, CC and Wittel, H and Woan, G and Worden, J and Wright, JL and Wu, G and Yablon, J and Yam, W and Yamamoto, H and Yancey, CC and Yap, MJ and Yu, H and Yvert, M and Zadrożny, A and Zangrando, L and Zanolin, M and Zendri, J-P and Zevin, M and Zhang, F and Zhang, L and Zhang, M and Zhang, Y and Zhao, C and Zhou, M and Zhou, Z and Zhu, XJ and Zucker, ME and Zuraw, SE and Zweizig, J and Collaboration, FTLIGOS and Allison, TVCJ and Bannister, K and Bell, ME and Chatterjee, S and Chippendale, AP and Edwards, PG and Harvey-Smith, L and Heywood, I and Hotan, A and Indermuehle, B and Marvil, J and McConnell, D and Murphy, T and Popping, A and Reynolds, J and Sault, RJ and Voronkov, MA and Whiting, MT and Pathfinder, FTASKA and Castro-Tirado, CAJ and Cunniffe, R and Jelínek, M and Tello, JC and Oates, SR and Zhang, B-B and Hu, Y-D and Kubánek, P and Guziy, S and Castellón, A and García-Cerezo, A and Muñoz, VF and Pulgar, CPD and Castillo-Carrión, S and Cerón, JMC and Hudec, R and Caballero-García, MD and Páta, P and Vitek, S and Adame, JA and Konig, S and Rendón, F and Sanguino, TDJM and Fernández-Muñoz, R and Yock, PC and Rattenbury, N and Allen, WH and Querel, R and Jeong, S and Park, IH and Bai, J and Cui, C and Fan, Y and Wang, C and Hiriart, D and Lee, WH and Claret, A and Sánchez-Ramírez, R and Pandey, SB and Mediavilla, T and Sabau-Graziati, L and Abbott, FTBOOTESCTMC and Abdalla, FB and Allam, S and Annis, J and Armstrong, R and Benoit-Lévy, A and Berger, E and Bernstein, RA and Bertin, E and Brout, D and Buckley-Geer, E and Burke, DL and Capozzi, D and Carretero, J and Castander, FJ and Chornock, R and Cowperthwaite, PS and Crocce, M and Cunha, CE and D'Andrea, CB and Costa, LND and Desai, S and Diehl, HT and Dietrich, JP and Doctor, Z and Drlica-Wagner, A and Drout, MR and Eifler, TF and Estrada, J and Evrard, AE and Fernandez, E and Finley, DA and Flaugher, B and Foley, RJ and Fong, W-F and Fosalba, P and Fox, DB and Frieman, J and Fryer, CL and Gaztanaga, E and Gerdes, DW and Goldstein, DA and Gruen, D and Gruendl, RA and Gutierrez, G and Herner, K and Honscheid, K and James, DJ and Johnson, MD and Johnson, MWG and Karliner, I and Kasen, D and Kent, S and Kessler, R and Kim, AG and Kind, MC and Kuehn, K and Kuropatkin, N and Lahav, O and Li, TS and Lima, M and Lin, H and Maia, MAG and Margutti, R and Marriner, J and Martini, P and Matheson, T and Melchior, P and Metzger, BD and Miller, CJ and Miquel, R and Neilsen, E and Nichol, RC and Nord, B and Nugent, P and Ogando, R and Petravick, D and Plazas, AA and Quataert, E and Roe, N and Romer, AK and Roodman, A and Rosell, AC and Rykoff, ES and Sako, M and Sanchez, E and Scarpine, V and Schindler, R and Schubnell, M and Scolnic, D and Sevilla-Noarbe, I and Sheldon, E and Smith, N and Smith, RC and Soares-Santos, M and Sobreira, F and Stebbins, A and Suchyta, E and Swanson, MEC and Tarle, G and Thaler, J and Thomas, D and Thomas, RC and Tucker, DL and Vikram, V and Walker, AR and Wechsler, RH and Wester, W and Yanny, B and Zhang, Y and Zuntz, J and Survey, FTDE and Connaughton, TDECGW-EMCV and Burns, E and Goldstein, A and Briggs, MS and Zhang, B-B and Hui, CM and Jenke, P and Wilson-Hodge, CA and Bhat, PN and Bissaldi, E and Cleveland, W and Fitzpatrick, G and Giles, MM and Gibby, MH and Greiner, J and Kienlin, AV and Kippen, RM and McBreen, S and Mailyan, B and Meegan, CA and Paciesas, WS and Preece, RD and Roberts, O and Sparke, L and Stanbro, M and Toelge, K and Veres, P and Yu, H-F and Blackburn, L and Ackermann, FTFGBMCM and Ajello, M and Albert, A and Anderson, B and Atwood, WB and Axelsson, M and Baldini, L and Barbiellini, G and Bastieri, D and Bellazzini, R and Bissaldi, E and Blandford, RD and Bloom, ED and Bonino, R and Bottacini, E and Brandt, TJ and Bruel, P and Buson, S and Caliandro, GA and Cameron, RA and Caragiulo, M and Caraveo, PA and Cavazzuti, E and Charles, E and Chekhtman, A and Chiang, J and Chiaro, G and Ciprini, S and Cohen-Tanugi, J and Cominsky, LR and Costanza, F and Cuoco, A and D'Ammando, F and Palma, FD and Desiante, R and Digel, SW and Lalla, ND and Mauro, MD and Venere, LD and Domínguez, A and Drell, PS and Dubois, R and Favuzzi, C and Ferrara, EC and Franckowiak, A and Fukazawa, Y and Funk, S and Fusco, P and Gargano, F and Gasparrini, D and Giglietto, N and Giommi, P and Giordano, F and Giroletti, M and Glanzman, T and Godfrey, G and Gomez-Vargas, GA and Green, D and Grenier, IA and Grove, JE and Guiriec, S and Hadasch, D and Harding, AK and Hays, E and Hewitt, JW and Hill, AB and Horan, D and Jogler, T and Jóhannesson, G and Johnson, AS and Kensei, S and Kocevski, D and Kuss, M and Mura, GL and Larsson, S and Latronico, L and Li, J and Li, L and Longo, F and Loparco, F and Lovellette, MN and Lubrano, P and Magill, J and Maldera, S and Manfreda, A and Marelli, M and Mayer, M and Mazziotta, MN and McEnery, JE and Meyer, M and Michelson, PF and Mirabal, N and Mizuno, T and Moiseev, AA and Monzani, ME and Moretti, E and Morselli, A and Moskalenko, IV and Negro, M and Nuss, E and Ohsugi, T and Omodei, N and Orienti, M and Orlando, E and Ormes, JF and Paneque, D and Perkins, JS and Pesce-Rollins, M and Piron, F and Pivato, G and Porter, TA and Racusin, JL and Rainò, S and Rando, R and Razzaque, S and Reimer, A and Reimer, O and Salvetti, D and Parkinson, PMS and Sgrò, C and Simone, D and Siskind, EJ and Spada, F and Spandre, G and Spinelli, P and Suson, DJ and Tajima, H and Thayer, JB and Thompson, DJ and Tibaldo, L and Torres, DF and Troja, E and Uchiyama, Y and Venters, TM and Vianello, G and Wood, KS and Wood, M and Zhu, S and Zimmer, S and Brocato, FTFLATCE and Cappellaro, E and Covino, S and Grado, A and Nicastro, L and Palazzi, E and Pian, E and Amati, L and Antonelli, LA and Capaccioli, M and D'Avanzo, P and D'Elia, V and Getman, F and Giuffrida, G and Iannicola, G and Limatola, L and Lisi, M and Marinoni, S and Marrese, P and Melandri, A and Piranomonte, S and Possenti, A and Pulone, L and Rossi, A and Stamerra, A and Stella, L and Testa, V and Tomasella, L and Yang, S and TeAm, FTGWI and Bazzano, A and Bozzo, E and Brandt, S and Courvoisier, TJ-L and Ferrigno, C and Hanlon, L and Kuulkers, E and 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ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, 826 (1). ISSN 2041-8205

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A gravitational-wave transient was identified in data recorded by the Advanced LIGO detectors on 2015 September 14. The event candidate, initially designated G184098 and later given the name GW150914, is described in detail elsewhere. By prior arrangement, preliminary estimates of the time, significance, and sky location of the event were shared with 63 teams of observers covering radio, optical, near-infrared, X-ray, and gamma-ray wavelengths with ground- and space-based facilities. In this Letter we describe the low-latency analysis of the gravitational wave data and present the sky localization of the first observed compact binary merger. We summarize the follow-up observations reported by 25 teams via private Gamma-ray Coordinates Network Circulars, giving an overview of the participating facilities, the gravitational wave sky localization coverage, the timeline and depth of the observations. As this event turned out to be a binary black hole merger, there is little expectation of a detectable electromagnetic signature. Nevertheless, this first broadband campaign to search for a counterpart of an Advanced LIGO source represents a milestone and highlights the broad capabilities of the transient astronomy community and the observing strategies that have been developed to pursue neutron star binary merger events. Detailed investigations of the electromagnetic data and results of the electromagnetic follow-up campaign will be disseminated in the papers of the individual teams.

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