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Medler, K, Mazzali, PA, Teffs, J, Ashall, C, Anderson, JP, Arcavi, I, Benetti, S, Bostroem, KA, Burke, J, Cai, YZ, Charalampopoulos, P, Elias-Rosa, N, Ergon, M, Galbany, L, Gromadzki, M, Hiramatsu, D, Howell, DA, Inserra, C, Lundqvist, P, McCully, C , Müller-Bravo, T, Newsome, M, Nicholl, M, Gonzalez, EP, Paraskeva, E, Pastorello, A, Pellegrino, C, Pessi, PJ, Reguitti, A, Reynolds, TM, Roy, R, Terreran, G, Tomasella, L and Young, DR (2022) SN 2020acat: an energetic fast rising Type IIb supernova. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 513 (4). pp. 5540-5558. ISSN 0035-8711

Cai, YZ, Pastorello, A, Fraser, M, Botticella, MT, Elias-Rosa, N, Wang, LZ, Kotak, R, Benetti, S, Cappellaro, E, Turatto, M, Reguitti, A, Mattila, S, Smartt, SJ, Ashall, C, Benitez, S, Chen, TW, Harutyunyan, A, Kankare, E, Lundqvist, P, Mazzali, PA , Morales-Garoffolo, A, Ochner, P, Pignata, G, Prentice, SJ, Reynolds, TM, Shu, XW, Stritzinger, MD, Tartaglia, L, Terreran, G, Tomasella, L, Valenti, S, Valerin, G, Wang, GJ, Wang, XF, Borsato, L, Callis, E, Cannizzaro, G, Chen, S, Congiu, E, Ergon, M, Galbany, L, Gal-Yam, A, Gao, X, Gromadzki, M, Holmbo, S, Huang, F, Inserra, C, Itagaki, K, Kostrzewa-Rutkowska, Z, Maguire, K, Margheim, S, Moran, S, Onori, F, Sagués Carracedo, A, Smith, KW, Sollerman, J, Somero, A, Wang, B and Young, DR (2021) Intermediate-luminosity red transients: Spectrophotometric properties and connection to electron-capture supernova explosions. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 654. ISSN 0004-6361

Ho, AYQ, Goldstein, DA, Schulze, S, Khatami, DK, Perley, DA, Ergon, M, Gal-Yam, A, Corsi, A, Andreoni, I, Barbarino, C, Bellm, EC, Blagorodnova, N, Bright, JS, Burns, E, Cenko, SB, Cunningham, V, De, K, Dekany, R, Dugas, A, Fender, RP , Fransson, C, Fremling, C, Goldstein, A, Graham, MJ, Hale, D, Horesh, A, Hung, T, Kasliwal, MM, M. Kuin, NP, Kulkarni, SR, Kupfer, T, Lunnan, R, Masci, FJ, Ngeow, CC, Nugent, PE, Ofek, EO, Patterson, MT, Petitpas, G, Rusholme, B, Sai, H, Sfaradi, I, Shupe, DL, Sollerman, J, Soumagnac, MT, Tachibana, Y, Taddia, F, Walters, R, Wang, X, Yao, Y and Zhang, X (2019) Evidence for Late-stage Eruptive Mass Loss in the Progenitor to SN2018gep, a Broad-lined Ic Supernova: Pre-explosion Emission and a Rapidly Rising Luminous Transient. Astrophysical Journal, 887 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

Fremling, C, Ko, H, Dugas, A, Ergon, M, Sollerman, J, Bagdasaryan, A, Barbarino, C, Belicki, J, Bellm, E, Blagorodnova, N, De, K, Dekany, R, Frederick, S, Gal-Yam, A, Goldstein, DA, Golkhou, VZ, Graham, M, Kasliwal, M, Kowalski, M, Kulkarni, SR , Kupfer, T, Laher, RR, Masci, FJ, Miller, AA, Neill, JD, Perley, DA, Rebbapragada, UD, Riddle, R, Rusholme, B, Schulze, S, Smith, RM, Tartaglia, L, Yan, L and Yao, Y (2019) ZTF18aalrxas: A Type IIb Supernova from a Very Extended Low-mass Progenitor. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 878 (1). ISSN 2041-8205

Fremling, C, Sollerman, J, Kasliwal, MM, Kulkarni, SR, Barbarino, C, Ergon, M, Karamehmetoglu, E, Taddia, F, Arcavi, I, Cenko, SB, Clubb, K, De Cia, A, Duggan, G, Filippenko, A, Gal-Yam, A, Graham, ML, Horesh, A, Hosseinzadeh, G, Howell, DA, Kuesters, D , Lunnan, R, Matheson, T, Nugent, PE, Perley, DA, Quimby, RM and Saunders, C (2018) Oxygen and helium in stripped-envelope supernovae. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 618. ISSN 1432-0746

Fremling, C, Sollerman, J, Taddia, F, Ergon, M, Fraser, M, Karamehmetoglu, E, Valenti, S, Jerkstrand, A, Arcavi, I, Bufano, F, Elias Rosa, N, Filippenko, AV, Fox, D, Gal-Yam, A, Howell, DA, Kotak, R, Mazzali, PA, Milisavljevic, D, Nugent, PE, Nyholm, A , Pian, E and Smartt, S (2016) PTF12os and iPTF13bvn: Two stripped-envelope supernovae from low-mass progenitors in NGC 5806. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 593 (A68). ISSN 0004-6361

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