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Wood, S, Richardson, D and Roberts, SJ (2023) ‘[Trails] and Tribulations’: Exploring Wash-Out in Cycling Coach Education. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. ISSN 2159-676X

Wood, S, Richardson, D, Roberts, SJ and Fletcher, D (2023) Exploring the Daily Hassles of Neophyte Cycling Coaches. International Sport Coaching Journal. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2328-918X

Mannix, P, Roberts, SJ, Enright, KJ and Littlewood, MA (2023) Surveying the youth-to-senior transition landscape in Major league Soccer: a new frontier. Science and Medicine in Football. ISSN 2473-3938

Richardson, SJ, McRobert, AP, Vinson, D, Cronin, CJ, Lee, C and Roberts, SJ (2023) Systematic review of sport coaches’ and teachers’ perceptions and application of game-based and constraints-led pedagogy: A qualitative meta-study. Quest. pp. 1-22. ISSN 0033-6297

Fitton-Davies, K, Foweather, L, Watson, PM, Bardid, F, Roberts, SJ, Davids, K, O'Callaghan, L, Crotti, M and Rudd, J (2021) Assessing the Motivational Climates in Early Physical Education Curricula underpinned by Motor Learning Theory: SAMPLE-PE. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. ISSN 1740-8989

Andrew, M, Baptise, GZ, Reeves, MJ, Roberts, SJ, McRobert, AP and Ford, PR (2021) The developmental activities of skilled youth CONCACAF soccer players and the contribution of their development system. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. ISSN 1747-9541

Wood, S, Richardson, DJ and Roberts, SJ (2021) ‘Who’s who’: Exploring cycling coaches’ biographies. International Sport Coaching Journal. pp. 1-10. ISSN 2328-918X

Crotti, M, Rudd, JR, Weaver, RG, Roberts, SJ, O'Callaghan, L, Fitton Davies, K and Foweather, L (2021) Validation of modified SOFIT+: Relating physical activity promoting practices in physical education to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in 5-6 year old children. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 25 (4). pp. 322-334. ISSN 1091-367X

Fitton Davies, K, Watson, PM, Rudd, JR, Roberts, SJ, Bardid, F, Knowles, ZR and Foweather, L (2021) Development and validity of the Motivation Assessment Tool for Physical Education (MAT-PE) among young children. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 54. ISSN 1469-0292

Crotti, M, Rudd, JR, Roberts, SJ, Boddy, LM, Fitton Davies, K, O'Callaghan, L, Utesch, T and Foweather, L (2021) Effect of Linear and Nonlinear Pedagogy Physical Education Interventions on Children’s Physical Activity: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (SAMPLE-PE). Children, 8 (1). ISSN 2227-9067

Roberts, SJ, McRobert, AP, Rudd, JR, Enright, KJ and Reeves, MJ (2020) Research in Another un-Examined (RAE) context. A Chronology of 35 Years of Relative Age Effect Research in Soccer: Is it time to move on? Science and Medicine in Football, 5 (4). pp. 301-309. ISSN 2473-3938

Rudd, JR, Crotti, M, Fitton-Davies, K, O'Callaghan, L, Bardid, F, Utesh, T, Roberts, SJ, Boddy, LM, Cronin, CJ, Knowles, ZR, Foulkes, JD, Watson, PM, Pesce, C, Button, C, Lubans, D, Buszard, T, Walsh, BA and Foweather, L (2020) Skill Acquisition Methods Fostering Physical Literacy in Early-Physical Education (SAMPLE-PE): Rationale and Study Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial in 5–6-Year-Old Children From Deprived Areas of North West England. Frontiers in Psychology. ISSN 1664-1078

Lewis, C, Roberts, SJ, Andrews, HJ and Sawiuk, R (2020) A Creative Writing Case Study of Gender-Based Violence in Coach Education: Stacey’s Story. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 28 (1). pp. 72-80. ISSN 1063-6161

Reeves, MJ and Roberts, SJ (2019) A Bioecological Perspective on Talent Identification in Junior-Elite Soccer: A Pan-European Perspective. Journal of Sports Sciences, 38 (11-12). pp. 1259-1268. ISSN 0264-0414

Reeves, MJ, McRobert, AP, Lewis, C and Roberts, SJ (2019) A case study of the use of verbal reports for talent identification purposes in soccer: A Messi affair! PLoS One, 14 (11). ISSN 1932-6203

Rylands, L and Roberts, SJ (2019) Performance Characteristics in BMX Racing: A Scoping Review. Journal of Science and Cycling, 8 (1). ISSN 2254-7053

Roberts, SJ, Rudd, JR and Reeves, M (2019) Efficacy of using nonlinear pedagogy to support attacking players’ individual learning objectives in elite-youth football: A randomised cross-over trial. Journal of Sports Sciences. ISSN 0264-0414

Roberts, SJ, McRobert, AP, Lewis, C and Reeves, MJ (2019) Establishing consensus of position-specific predictors for elite youth soccer in England. Science and Medicine in Football. ISSN 2473-4446

Roberts, SJ, Baker, M, Reeves, MJ, Johnson, G and Cronin, CJ (2018) Lifting the veil of depression and alcoholism in sport coaching: how do we care for carers? Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. ISSN 2159-676X

Reeves, MJ, Littlewood, MA, McRobert, A and Roberts, SJ (2018) A Scoping Review of the Potential Sociological Predictors of Talent in Junior-elite Football: 2000-2016. Soccer and Society. ISSN 1743-9590

Reeves, MJ, Roberts, SJ, McRobert, A and Littlewood, M (2018) Factors Affecting the Identification of Talented Junior-Elite Footballers: A case study. Soccer and Society. ISSN 1743-9590

Reeves, MJ, Enright, KJ, Dowling, J and Roberts, SJ (2018) Stakeholder’s understanding and perceptions of bio-banding in junior-elite football training. Soccer and Society. ISSN 1466-0970

Reeves, MJ and Roberts, SJ (2018) Talent identification and talent development in junior-elite football in the UK: an introduction. Soccer and Society. ISSN 1743-9590

Reeves, MJ, Littlewood, MA, Alistair, M and Roberts, SJ (2018) The nature and function of talent identification in junior-elite football in English category one academies. Soccer and Society. ISSN 1743-9590

Enright, KJ, Morton, JP, Iga, J, Lothian, D, Roberts, SJ and Drust, B (2017) Reliability of ‘in-season’ fitness assessments in youth elite soccer players: a working model for practitioners and coaches. Science and Medicine in Football. ISSN 2473-3938

Hurst, H, Rylands, L, Atkins, S, Enright, KJ and Roberts, SJ (2017) Profiling of translational and rotational head accelerations in youth BMX with and without neck brace. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. ISSN 1440-2440

Rylands, LP, Roberts, SJ and Hurst, HT (2016) Effect of gear ratio on peak power and time to peak power in BMX cyclists. European Journal of Sport Science. ISSN 1536-7290

Rylands, L, L, Roberts, SJ, Hurst, H and Bentley, I (2016) Effect of cadence selection on peak power and time of power production in elite BMX riders; a laboratory based study. Journal of Sports Sciences, 35. pp. 1372-1376. ISSN 1466-447X

Rylands, L, Roberts, SJ and Hurst, H (2016) The effect of ‘Pumping’ and ‘Non-pumping’ techniques on velocity production and muscle activity during field-based BMX cycling. JOURNAL OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING RESEARCH. ISSN 1064-8011

Lewis, C, Reeves, MJ and Roberts, SJ (2016) Improving the physical and mental wellbeing of typically hard-to-reach men: an investigation of the impact of the Active Rovers project. Sport in Society. ISSN 1743-0445

Lewis, CJ, Roberts, SJ and Andrews, HJ (2015) 'Why am I putting myself through this?' Women football coaches' experiences of the Football Association's coach education process. Sport, Education and Society, 23 (1). pp. 28-39. ISSN 1470-1243

Rylands, LP, Roberts, SJ and Hurst, HT (2015) Variability in Laboratory vs. Field Testing of Peak Power, Torque, and Time of Peak Power Production Among Elite Bicycle Motocross Cyclists. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29 (9). pp. 2635-2640. ISSN 1533-4287

Roberts, SJ and Stott, TA (2015) A new factor in UK students’ university attainment: The relative age effect reversal? Quality Assurance in Education, 23 (3). pp. 295-305. ISSN 0968-4883

Roberts, SJ and Potrac, P (2014) Behaviourism, Constructivism and Sports Coaching Pedagogy: A Conversational Narrative in the Facilitation of Player Learning. International Sport Coaching Journal (1). pp. 180-187. ISSN 2328-9198

Book Section

Reeves, MJ and Roberts, SJ (2023) Sociological influences on the identification and development of players. In: Williams, AM, Ford, P and Drust, B, (eds.) Science and Soccer: Developing Elite Performers. Routledge. ISBN 978-1032460307


Roberts, SJ (1999) An investigation into dieting practices, nutritional intake and nutritional status of a female population. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

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