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Eibensteiner, C, Bigiel, F, Leroy, AK, Koch, EW, Rosolowsky, E, Schinnerer, E, Sardone, A, Meidt, S, De Blok, WJG, Thilker, D, Pisano, DJ, Ott, J, Barnes, A, Querejeta, M, Emsellem, E, Puschnig, J, Utomo, D, Bešlic, I, Den Brok, J, Faridani, S , Glover, SCO, Grasha, K, Hassani, H, Henshaw, JD, Jiménez-Donaire, MJ, Kerp, J, Dale, DA, Kruijssen, JMD, Laudage, S, Sanchez-Blazquez, P, Smith, R, Stuber, S, Pessa, I, Watkins, EJ, Williams, TG and Winkel, B (2023) Kinematic analysis of the super-extended HI disk of the nearby spiral galaxy M 83. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 675. ISSN 0004-6361

Kim, J, Chevance, M, Kruijssen, JMD, Barnes, AT, Bigiel, F, Blanc, GA, Boquien, M, Cao, Y, Congiu, E, Dale, DA, Egorov, OV, Faesi, CM, Glover, SCO, Grasha, K, Groves, B, Hassani, H, Hughes, A, Klessen, RS, Kreckel, K, Larson, KL , Lee, JC, Leroy, AK, Liu, D, Longmore, SN, Meidt, SE, Pan, H-A, Pety, J, Querejeta, M, Rosolowsky, E, Saito, T, Sandstrom, K, Schinnerer, E, Smith, RJ, Usero, A, Watkins, EJ and Williams, TG (2023) PHANGS-JWST First Results: Duration of the early phase of massive star formation in NGC628. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 944 (2). ISSN 2041-8205

Barnes, AT, Watkins, EJ, Meidt, SE, Kreckel, K, Sormani, MC, Treß, RG, Glover, SCO, Bigiel, F, Chandar, R, Emsellem, E, Lee, JC, Leroy, AK, Sandstrom, KM, Schinnerer, E, Rosolowsky, E, Belfiore, F, Blanc, GA, Boquien, M, Brok, JD, Cao, Y , Chevance, M, Dale, DA, Egorov, OV, Eibensteiner, C, Grasha, K, Groves, B, Hassani, H, Henshaw, JD, Jeffreson, S, Jiménez-Donaire, MJ, Keller, BW, Klessen, RS, Koch, EW, Kruijssen, JMD, Larson, KL, Li, J, Liu, D, Lopez, LA, Murphy, EJ, Neumann, L, Pety, J, Pinna, F, Querejeta, M, Renaud, F, Saito, T, Sarbadhicary, SK, Sardone, A, Smith, RJ, Stuber, SK, Sun, J, Thilker, DA, Usero, A, Whitmore, BC and Williams, TG (2023) PHANGS-JWST First Results: Multiwavelength View of Feedback-driven Bubbles (the Phantom Voids) across NGC 628. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 944 (2). L22-L22. ISSN 2041-8205

Liu, D, Schinnerer, E, Cao, Y, Leroy, A, Usero, A, Rosolowsky, E, Kruijssen, JMD, Chevance, M, Glover, SCO, Sormani, MC, Bolatto, AD, Sun, J, Stuber, SK, Teng, YH, Bigiel, F, Bešlić, I, Grasha, K, Henshaw, JD, Barnes, AT, den Brok, JS , Saito, T, Dale, DA, Watkins, EJ, Pan, HA, Klessen, RS, Emsellem, E, Anand, GS, Deger, S, Egorov, OV, Faesi, CM, Hassani, H, Larson, KL, Lee, JC, Lopez, LA, Pety, J, Sandstrom, K, Thilker, DA, Whitmore, BC and Williams, TG (2023) PHANGS-JWST First Results: Stellar-feedback-driven Excitation and Dissociation of Molecular Gas in the Starburst Ring of NGC 1365? Astrophysical Journal Letters, 944 (2). L19-L19. ISSN 2041-8205

Thilker, DA, Lee, JC, Deger, S, Barnes, AT, Bigiel, F, Boquien, M, Cao, Y, Chevance, M, Dale, DA, Egorov, OV, Glover, SCO, Grasha, K, Henshaw, JD, Klessen, RS, Koch, E, Kruijssen, JMD, Leroy, AK, Lessing, RA, Meidt, SE, Pinna, F , Querejeta, M, Rosolowsky, E, Sandstrom, KM, Schinnerer, E, Smith, RJ, Watkins, EJ, Williams, TG, Anand, GS, Belfiore, F, Blanc, GA, Chandar, R, Congiu, E, Emsellem, E, Groves, B, Kreckel, K, Larson, KL, Liu, D, Pessa, I and Whitmore, BC (2023) PHANGS-JWST First Results: The Dust Filament Network of NGC 628 and Its Relation to Star Formation Activity. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 944 (2). ISSN 2041-8205

Park, G, Currie, MJ, Thomas, HS, Rosolowsky, E, Dempsey, JT, Kim, KT, Rigby, AJ, Su, Y, Eden, DJ, Colombo, D, Parsons, H and Moore, TJT (2022) 12CO (3–2) High-Resolution Survey (COHRS) of the Galactic Plane: Complete Data Release. Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series, 264 (1). ISSN 0067-0049

Barnes, AT, Glover, SCO, Kreckel, K, Ostriker, EC, Bigiel, F, Belfiore, F, Bešlić, I, Blanc, GA, Chevance, M, Dale, DA, Egorov, O, Eibensteiner, C, Emsellem, E, Grasha, K, Groves, BA, Klessen, RS, Kruijssen, JMD, Leroy, AK, Longmore, SN, Lopez, L , McElroy, R, Meidt, SE, Murphy, EJ, Rosolowsky, E, Saito, T, Santoro, F, Schinnerer, E, Schruba, A, Sun, J, Watkins, EJ and Williams, TG (2021) Comparing the pre-SNe feedback and environmental pressures for 6000 HII regions across 19 nearby spiral galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 508 (4). pp. 5362-5389. ISSN 0035-8711

Chevance, M, Kruijssen, JMD, Krumholz, MR, Groves, B, Keller, BW, Hughes, A, Glover, SCO, Henshaw, JD, Herrera, CN, Kim, J, Leroy, AK, Pety, J, Razza, A, Rosolowsky, E, Schinnerer, E, Schruba, A, Barnes, AT, Bigiel, F, Blanc, GA, Dale, DA , Emsellem, E, Faesi, CM, Grasha, K, Klessen, RS, Kreckel, K, Liu, D, Longmore, SN, Meidt, SE, Querejeta, M, Saito, T, Sun, J and Usero, A (2021) Pre-supernova feedback mechanisms drive the destruction of molecular clouds in nearby star-forming disc galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 509 (1). pp. 272-288. ISSN 0035-8711

Eden, DJ, Moore, TJT, Currie, MJ, Rigby, AJ, Rosolowsky, E, Su, Y, Kim, K-T, Parsons, H, Morata, O, Chen, H-R, Minamidani, T, Park, G, Ragan, SE, Urquhart, JS, Rani, R, Tahani, K, Billington, SJ, Deb, S, Figura, C, Fujiyoshi, T , Joncas, G, Liao, LW, Liu, T, Ma, H, Tuan-Anh, P, Yun, H-S, Zhang, S, Zhu, M, Henshaw, JD, Longmore, SN, Kobayashi, MIN, Thompson, MA, Ao, Y, Campbell-White, J, Ching, T-C, Chung, EJ, Duarte-Cabral, A, Fich, M, Gao, Y, Graves, SF, Jiang, X-J, Kemper, F, Kuan, Y-J, Kwon, W, Lee, CW, Lee, J-E, Liu, M, Penaloza, CH, Peretto, N, Phuong, NT, Pineda, JE, Plume, R, Puspitaningrum, E, Samal, MR, Soam, A, Sun, Y, Tang, XD, Traficante, A, White, GJ, Yan, C-H, Yang, A, Yuan, J, Yue, N, Bemis, A, Brunt, CM, Chen, Z, Cho, J, Clark, PC, Cyganowski, CJ, Friberg, P, Fuller, GA, Han, I, Hoare, MG, Izumi, N, Kim, H-J, Kim, J, Kim, S, Koch, EW, Kuno, N, Lacialle, KM, Lai, S-P, Lee, HLY-H, Li, DL, Liu, S-Y, Mairs, S, Oka, T, Pan, Z, Qian, L, Scicluna, P, Shi, C-S, Shi, H, Srinivasan, S, Tan, Q-H, Thomas, HS, Torii, K, Trejo, A, Umemoto, T, Violino, G, Wallstrom, S, Wang, B, Wu, Y, Yuan, L, Zhang, C, Zhang, M, Zhou, C and Zhou, JJ (2020) CHIMPS2: Survey description and $^{12}$CO emission in the Galactic Centre. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 498 (4). pp. 5936-5951. ISSN 0035-8711

Henshaw, JD, Kruijssen, JMD, Longmore, SN, Riener, M, Leroy, AK, Rosolowsky, E, Ginsburg, A, Battersby, C, Chevance, M, Meidt, SE, Glover, SCO, Hughes, A, Kainulainen, J, Klessen, RS, Schinnerer, E, Schruba, A, Beuther, H, Bigiel, F, Blanc, GA, Emsellem, E , Henning, T, Herrera, CN, Koch, EW, Pety, J, Ragan, SE and Sun, J (2020) Ubiquitous velocity fluctuations throughout the molecular interstellar medium. Nature Astronomy. ISSN 2397-3366

Chevance, M, Kruijssen, JMD, Hygate, APS, Schruba, A, Longmore, SN, Groves, B, Henshaw, JD, Herrera, CN, Hughes, A, Jeffreson, SMR, Lang, P, Leroy, AK, Meidt, SE, Pety, J, Razza, A, Rosolowsky, E, Schinnerer, E, Bigiel, F, Blanc, GA, Emsellem, E , Faesi, CM, Glover, SCO, Haydon, DT, Ho, I-T, Kreckel, K, Lee, JC, Liu, D, Querejeta, M, Saito, T, Sun, J, Usero, A and Utomo, D (2019) The lifecycle of molecular clouds in nearby star-forming disc galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 493 (2). pp. 2872-2909. ISSN 0035-8711

Keown, J, Francesco, JD, Rosolowsky, E, Singh, A, Figura, C, Kirk, H, Anderson, LD, Chen, MC-Y, Elia, D, Friesen, R, Ginsburg, A, Marston, A, Pezzuto, S, Schisano, E, Bontemps, S, Caselli, P, Liu, H-L, Longmore, SN, Motte, F, Myers, PC , Offner, SSR, Sanhueza, P, Schneider, N, Stephens, I, Urquhart, J and collaboration, TKEYSTONE (2019) KFPA Examinations of Young STellar Object Natal Environments (KEYSTONE): Hierarchical Ammonia Structures in Galactic Giant Molecular Clouds. Astophysical Journal, 884 (1). ISSN 0004-637X

Tan, QH, Gao, Y, Zhang, ZY, Greve, TR, Jiang, XJ, Wilson, CD, Yang, CT, Bemis, A, Chung, A, Matsushita, S, Shi, Y, Ao, YP, Brinks, E, Currie, MJ, Davis, TA, Grijs, RD, Ho, LC, Imanishi, M, Kohno, K, Lee, B , Parsons, H, Rawlings, MG, Rigopoulou, D, Rosolowsky, E, Bulger, J, Chen, H, Chapman, SC, Eden, DJ, Gear, WK, Gu, QS, He, JH, Jiao, Q, Liu, DZ, Liu, LJ, Li, XH, Michałowski, MJ, Nguyen-Luong, Q, Qiu, JJ, Smith, MWL, Violino, G, Wang, JF, Wang, JF, Wang, JZ, Yeh, S, Zhao, YH and Zhu, M (2018) The MALATANG Survey: The L GAS–L IR Correlation on Sub-kiloparsec Scale in Six Nearby Star-forming Galaxies as Traced by HCN J = 4 → 3 and HCO+ J = 4 → 3. Astrophysical Journal, 860 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

Krieger, N, Ott, J, Beuther, H, Walter, F, Kruijssen, JMD, Meier, DS, Mills, EAC, Contreras, Y, Edwards, P, Ginsburg, A, Henkel, C, Henshaw, J, Jackson, J, Kauffmann, J, Longmore, SN, Martin, S, Morris, MR, Pillai, T, Rickert, M, Rosolowsky, E , Shinnaga, H, Walsh, A, Yusef-Zadeh, F and Zhang, Q (2017) The Survey of Water and Ammonia in the Galactic Center (SWAG): Molecular Cloud Evolution in the Central Molecular Zone. Astrophysical Journal: Supplement Series, 850 (1). ISSN 0067-0049

Ginsburg, A, Goddi, C, Kruijssen, JMD, Bally, J, Smith, R, Galvan-Madrid, R, Mills, EAC, Wang, K, Dale, JE, Darling, J, Rosolowsky, E, Loughnane, R, Testi, L and Bastian, N (2017) Thermal Feedback in the High-mass Star- and Cluster-forming Region W51. The Astronomical Journal, 842 (2). ISSN 0004-6256

Freeman, P, Rosolowsky, E, Kruijssen, JMD, Bastian, N and Adamo, A (2017) The varying mass distribution of molecular clouds across M83. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 468 (2). pp. 1769-1781. ISSN 0035-8711

Lin, Y, Liu, HB, Li, D, Zhang, Z, Ginsburg, A, Pineda, JE, Qian, L, Galván-Madrid, R, McLeod, AF, Rosolowsky, E, Dale, JE, Immer, K, Koch, E, Longmore, SN, Walker, DL and Testi, L (2016) Cloud Structure of Galactic OB Cluster Forming Regions from Combining Ground and Space Based Bolometric Observations. Astrophysical Journal, 828 (1). ISSN 0004-637X

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