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Soumagnac, MT, Ganot, N, Irani, I, Gal-yam, A, Ofek, EO, Waxman, E, Morag, J, Yaron, O, Schulze, S, Yang, Y, Rubin, A, Cenko, SB, Sollerman, J, Perley, DA, Fremling, C, Nugent, P, Neill, JD, Karamehmetoglu, E, Bellm, EC, Bruch, RJ , Burruss, R, Cunningham, V, Dekany, R, Golkhou, VZ, Graham, MJ, Kasliwal, MM, Konidaris, NP, Kulkarni, SR, Kupfer, T, Laher, RR, Masci, FJ, Riddle, R, Rigault, M, Rusholme, B, van Roestel, J and Zackay, B (2020) SN 2018fif: The Explosion of a Large Red Supergiant Discovered in Its Infancy by the Zwicky Transient Facility. Astrophysical Journal, 902 (1). ISSN 0004-637X

Pian, E, Mazzali, PA, Moriya, TJ, Rubin, A, Gal-Yam, A, Arcavi, I, Ben-Ami, S, Blagorodnova, N, Bufano, M, Filippenko, AV, Kasliwal, M, Kulkarni, SR, Lunnan, R, Manulis, I, Matheson, T, Nugent, PE, Ofek, E, Perley, DA, Prentice, SJ and Yaron, O (2020) PTF11rka: an interacting supernova at the crossroads of stripped-envelope and H-poor superluminous stellar core collapses. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 497 (3). pp. 3542-3556. ISSN 0035-8711

Lunnan, R, Fransson, C, Vreeswijk, PM, Woosley, SE, Leloudas, G, Perley, DA, Quimby, RM, Yan, L, Blagorodnova, N, Bue, BD, Cenko, SB, De Cia, A, Cook, DO, Fremling, CU, Gatkine, P, Gal-Yam, A, Kasliwal, MM, Kulkarni, SR, Masci, FJ, Nugent, PE , Nyholm, A, Rubin, A, Suzuki, N and Wozniak, P (2018) A UV resonance line echo from a shell around a hydrogen-poor superluminous supernova. Nature Astronomy, 2. pp. 887-895. ISSN 2397-3366

Cia, AD, Gal-Yam, A, Rubin, A, Leloudas, G, Vreeswijk, P, Perley, DA, Quimby, R, Yan, L, Sullivan, M, Flörs, A, Sollerman, J, Bersier, D, Cenko, SB, Gal-Yam, M, Maguire, K, Ofek, EO, Prentice, SJ, Schulze, S, Spyromilio, J, Valenti, S , Arcavi, I, Corsi, A, Howell, A, Mazzali, PA, Kasliwal, MM, Taddia, F and Yaron, O (2018) Light curves of hydrogen-poor Superluminous Supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory. Astrophysical Journal, 860 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

Whitesides, L, Lunnan, R, Kasliwal, MM, Perley, DA, Corsi, A, Cenko, SB, Blagorodnova, N, Cao, Y, Cook, DO, Doran, GB, Frederiks, DD, Fremling, C, Hurley, K, Karamehmetoglu, E, Kulkarni, SR, Leloudas, G, Masci, F, Nugent, PE, Ritter, A, Rubin, A , Savchenko, V, Sollerman, J, Svinkin, DS, Taddia, F, Vreeswijk, P and Wozniak, P (2017) iPTF 16asu: A Luminous, Rapidly Evolving, and High-velocity Supernova. Astrophysical Journal, 851 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

Yaron, O, Perley, DA, Gal-Yam, A, Groh, JH, Horesh, A, Ofek, EO, Kulkarni, SR, Sollerman, J, Fransson, C, Rubin, A, Szabo, P, Sapir, N, Taddia, F, Cenko, SB, Valenti, S, Arcavi, I, Howell, DA, Kasliwal, MM, Vreeswijk, PM, Khazov, D , Fox, OD, Cao, Y, Gnat, O, Kelly, PL, Nugent, PE, Filippenko, AV, Laher, RR, Wozniak, PR, Lee, WH, Rebbapragada, UD, Maguire, K, Sullivan, M and Soumagnac, MT (2017) Confined dense circumstellar material surrounding a regular type II supernova. Nature Physics, 13. pp. 510-517. ISSN 1745-2473

Vreeswijk, PM, Leloudas, G, Gal-Yam, A, De Cia, A, Perley, DA, Quimby, RM, Waldman, R, Sullivan, M, Yan, L, Ofek, EO, Fremling, C, Taddia, F, Sollerman, J, Valenti, S, Arcavi, I, Howell, DA, Filippenko, AV, Cenko, SB, Yaron, O, Kasliwal, MM , Cao, Y, Ben-Ami, S, Horesh, A, Rubin, A, Lunnan, R, Nugent, PE, Laher, R, Rebbapragada, UD, Woźniak, P and Kulkarni, SR (2017) On The Early-Time Excess Emission in Hydrogen-Poor Superluminous Supernovae. The Astrophysical Journal, 835 (1). ISSN 1538-4357

Ofek, EO, Cenko, SB, Shaviv, NJ, Duggan, G, Strotjohann, NL, Rubin, A, Kulkarni, SR, Gal-Yam, A, Sullivan, M, Cao, Y, Nugent, PE, Kasliwal, MM, Sollerman, J, Fransson, C, Filippenko, AV, Perley, DA, Yaron, O and Laher, R (2016) PTF13efv - An Outburst 500 Days Prior to the SNHUNT 275 Explosion and Its Radiative Efficiency. The Astrophysical Journal, 824 (1). ISSN 1538-4357

Rubin, A, Gal-Yam, A, De Cia, A, Horesh, A, Khazov, D, Ofek, EO, Kulkarni, SR, Arcavi, I, Manulis, I, Yaron, O, Vreeswijk, P, Kasliwal, MM, Ben-Ami, S, Perley, DA, Cao, Y, Cenko, SB, Rebbapragada, UD, Wozniak, PR, Filippenko, AV, Clubb, KI , Nugent, PE, Pan, Y-C, Badenes, C, Howell, DA, Valenti, S, Sand, D, Sollerman, J, Johansson, J, Leonard, DC, Horst, JC, Armen, SF, Fedrow, JM, Quimby, RM, Mazzali, PA, Pian, E, Sternberg, A, Matheson, T, Sullivan, M, Maguire, K and Lazarevic, S (2016) TYPE II SUPERNOVA ENERGETICS AND COMPARISON OF LIGHT CURVES TO SHOCK-COOLING MODELS. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 820 (1). ISSN 0004-637X

Taddia, F, Moquist, P, Sollerman, J, Rubin, A, Leloudas, G, Gal-Yam, A, Arcavi, I, Cao, Y, Filippenko, AV, Graham, ML, Mazzali, PA, Nugent, PE, Pan, YC, Silverman, JM, Xu, D and Yaron, O (2016) Metallicity from Type II supernovae from the (i)PTF. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 587. ISSN 0004-6361

Khazov, D, Yaron, O, Gal-Yam, A, Manulis, I, Rubin, A, Kulkarni, SR, Arcavi, I, Kasliwal, MM, Ofek, EO, Cao, Y, Perley, DA, Sollerman, J, Horesh, A, Sullivan, M, Filippenko, AV, Nugent, PE, Howell, DA, Cenko, SB, Silverman, JM, Ebeling, H , Taddia, F, Johansson, J, Laher, RR, Surace, J, Rebbapragada, UD, Wozniak, PR and Matheson, T (2016) Flash Spectroscopy: Emission Lines from the Ionized Circumstellar Material Around <10-Day-Old Type II Supernovae. The Astrophysical Journal, 818 (1). ISSN 1538-4357

Prentice, SJ, Mazzali, PA, Pian, E, Gal-Yam, A, Kulkarni, SR, Rubin, A, Corsi, A, Fremling, C, Sollerman, J, Yaron, O, Arcavi, I, Zheng, W, Kasliwal, MM, Filippenko, AV, Cenko, SB, Cao, Y and Nugent, PE (2016) The bolometric light curves and physical parameters of stripped-envelope supernovae. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. ISSN 0035-8711

Cenko, SB, Urban, AL, Perley, DA, Horesh, A, Corsi, A, Fox, DB, Cao, Y, Kasliwal, MM, Lien, A, Arcavi, I, Bloom, JS, Butler, NR, Cucchiara, A, Diego, JAD, Filippenko, AV, Gal-Yam, A, Gehrels, N, Georgiev, L, González, JJ, Graham, JF , Greiner, J, Kann, DA, Klein, CR, Knust, F, Kulkarni, SR, Kutyrev, A, Laher, R, Lee, WH, Nugent, PE, Xavier Prochaska, J, Ramirez-Ruiz, E, Richer, MG, Rubin, A, Urata, Y, Varela, K, Watson, AM and Wozniak, PR (2015) IPTF14yb: The first discovery of a gamma-ray burst afterglow independent of a high-energy trigger. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 803 (2). ISSN 2041-8205

Vreeswijk, PM, Savaglio, S, Gal-Yam, A, De Cia, A, Quimby, RM, Sullivan, M, Cenko, SB, Perley, DA, Filippenko, AV, Clubb, KI, Taddia, F, Sollerman, J, Leloudas, G, Arcavi, I, Rubin, A, Kasliwal, MM, Cao, Y, Yaron, O, Tal, D, Ofek, EO , Capone, J, Kutyrev, AS, Toy, V, Nugent, PE, Laher, R, Surace, J and Kulkarni, SR (2014) The hydrogen-poor superluminous supernova iPTF 13ajg and its host galaxy in absorption and emission. The Astrophysical Journal, 797 (1). ISSN 1538-4357

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