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Yi, H-W, Lee, J-E, Liu, T, Kim, K-T, Choi, M, Eden, DJ, Evans, NJ, Di Francesco, J, Fuller, G, Hirano, N, Juvela, M, Kang, S-J, Kim, G, Koch, PM, Lee, CW, Li, D, Liu, H-YB, Liu, H-L, Liu, S-Y, Rawlings, MG , Ristorcelli, I, Sanhueza, P, Soam, A, Tatematsu, K, Thompson, M, Toth, L, Wang, K, White, GJ, Wu, Y and Yang, Y-L (2018) Planck Cold Clumps in the lambda Orionis Complex. II. Environmental Effects on Core Formation. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 236 (2). ISSN 0067-0049

Liu, T, Li, PS, Juvela, M, Kim, K-T, Evans, NJ, Di Francesco, J, Liu, S-Y, Yuan, J, Tatematsu, K, Zhang, Q, Ward-Thompson, D, Fuller, G, Goldsmith, PF, Koch, PM, Sanhueza, P, Ristorcelli, I, Kang, S-J, Chen, H-R, Hirano, N, Wu, Y , Sokolov, V, Lee, CW, White, GJ, Wang, K, Eden, DJ, Li, D, Thompson, M, Pattle, KM, Soam, A, Nasedkin, E, Kim, J, Kim, G, Lai, S-P, Park, G, Qiu, K, Zhang, C-P, Alina, D, Eswaraiah, C, Falgarone, E, Fich, M, Greaves, J, Gu, Q-L, Kwon, W, Li, H-B, Malinen, J, Montier, L, Parsons, H, Qin, S-L, Rawlings, MG, Ren, Z-Y, Tang, M, Tang, Y-W, Toth, LV, Wang, J, Wouterloot, J, Yi, H-W and Zhang, H-W (2018) A Holistic Perspective on the Dynamics of G035.39-00.33: The Interplay between Gas and Magnetic Fields. Astrophysical Journal, 859 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

Juvela, M, He, J, Pattle, K, Liu, T, Bendo, G, Eden, DJ, Feher, O, Fich, M, Fuller, G, Hirano, N, Kim, K-T, Li, D, Liu, S-Y, Malinen, J, Marshall, DJ, Paradis, D, Parsons, H, Pelkonen, V-M, Rawlings, MG, Ristorcelli, I , Samal, MR, Tatematsu, K, Thompson, M, Traficante, A, Wang, K, Ward-Thompson, D, Wu, Y, Yi, H-W and Yoo, H (2018) Herschel and SCUBA-2 observations of dust emission in a sample of Planck cold clumps. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 612. ISSN 1432-0746

Liu, T, Kim, K-T, Juvela, M, Wang, K, Tatematsu, K, Di Francesco, J, Liu, S-Y, Wu, Y, Thompson, M, Fuller, G, Eden, DJ, Li, D, Ristorcelli, I, Kang, S-J, Lin, Y, Johnstone, D, He, JH, Koch, PM, Sanhueza, P, Qin, S-L , Zhang, Q, Hirano, N, Goldsmith, PF, Evans, NJ, White, GJ, Choi, M, Lee, CW, Toth, LV, Mairs, S, Yi, H-W, Tang, M, Soam, A, Peretto, N, Samal, MR, Fich, M, Parsons, H, Yuan, J, Zhang, C-P, Malinen, J, Bendo, GJ, Rivera-Ingraham, A, Liu, H-L, Wouterloot, J, Li, PS, Qian, L, Rawlings, J, Rawlings, MG, Feng, S, Aikawa, Y, Akhter, S, Alina, D, Bell, G, Bernard, J-P, Blain, A, Bogner, R, Bronfman, L, Byun, D-Y, Chapman, S, Chen, H-R, Chen, M, Chen, W-P, Chen, X, Chen, X, Chrysostomou, A, Cosentino, G, Cunningham, MR, Demyk, K, Drabek-Maunder, E, Doi, Y, Eswaraiah, C, Falgarone, E, Feher, O, Fraser, H, Friberg, P, Garay, G, Ge, JX, Gear, WK, Greaves, J, Guan, X, Harvey-Smith, L, Hasegawa, T, Hatchell, J, He, Y, Henkel, C, Hirota, T, Holland, W, Hughes, A, Jarken, E, Ji, T-G, Jimenez-Serra, I, Kang, M, Kawabata, KS, Kim, G, Kim, J, Kim, J, Kim, S, Koo, B-C, Kwon, W, Kuan, Y-J, Lacaille, KM, Lai, S-P, Lee, CF, Lee, J-E, Lee, Y-U, Li, D, Li, H-B, Lo, N, Lopez, JAP, Lu, X, Lyo, A-R, Mardones, D, Marston, A, McGehee, P, Meng, F, Montier, L, Montillaud, J, Moore, TJT, Morata, O, Moriarty-Schieven, GH, Ohashi, S, Pak, S, Park, G, Paladini, R, Pattle, KM, Pech, G, Pelkonen, V-M, Qiu, K, Ren, Z-Y, Richer, J, Saito, M, Sakai, T, Shang, H, Shinnaga, H, Stamatellos, D, Tang, Y-W, Traficante, A, Vastel, C, Viti, S, Walsh, A, Wang, B, Wang, H, Wang, J, Ward-Thompson, D, Whitworth, A, Xu, Y, Yang, J, Yang, Y-L, Yuan, L, Zavagno, A, Zhang, G, Zhang, H-W, Zhou, C, Zhou, J, Zhu, L, Zuo, P and Zhang, C (2018) The TOP-SCOPE Survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps: Survey Overview and Results of an Exemplar Source, PGCC G26.53+0.17. The Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series, 234 (2). ISSN 0067-0049

Nettke, W, Scott, D, Gibb, AG, Thompson, M, Chrysostomou, A, Evans, A, Hill, T, Jenness, T, Joncas, G, Moore, TJT, Serjeant, S, Urquhart, J, Vaccari, M, Weferling, B, White, G and Zhu, M (2017) The SCUBA-2 Ambitious Sky Survey: a catalogue of beam-sized sources in the Galactic longitude range 120°–140°. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 468 (1). pp. 250-260. ISSN 0035-8711

Conference or Workshop Item

Thompson, M, Beuther, H, Dickinson, C, Mottram, JC, Klaassen, P, Ginsburg, A, Longmore, SN, Remijan, A and Menten, K (2014) The ionised, radical and molecular Milky Way: spectroscopic surveys with the SKA. In: Proceedings of Science . (Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array, 8th -13th June 2014, Giardini Naxos, Italy).

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