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Abdel-Wahed, T and Al Nageim, H (2016) Investigating the effects of cement and cement kiln dust as a filler on the mechanical properties of cold bituminous emulsion mixtures. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 7 (1). pp. 441-453. ISSN 0976-6308

Abdellatif, M (2016) Improving accuracy of downscaling rainfall by combining predictions of different statistical downscale models. Water Science, 30 (2). pp. 61-75. ISSN 1110-4929

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Al-attabi, A, Hashim, KS, Jafer, HM and Alzeyadi, A (2016) Removal of Nitrogen Compounds from Industrial Wastewater Using Sequencing Batch Reactor: The Effects of React Time. International Journal of Chemical, Molecular, Nuclear, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, 10 (7).

Algrnas, Mohammad (2016) Stakeholder Model Representing Consumer Preferences for Housing in Saudi Arabia. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

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Casey, DR and Wylie, D (2016) Laser-based techniques for non-destructive surgery on individual cells. SPIE Newsroom. ISSN 1818-2259


Dmochowski, AA (2016) Examining the Impacts of a New Regional Inner-City Retail Development on Liverpool’s Existing Inner-City Shopping Centres and Other Retail Areas. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

Domeher, D, Abdulai, RT and Yeboah, E (2016) Secure property right as a determinant of SME’s access to formal credit in Ghana: Dynamics between Micro Finance Institutions and Universal Banks. Journal of Property Research. ISSN 1466-4453

Dulaimi, A, Al Nageim, H, Ruddock, F and Seton, L (2016) New developments with cold asphalt concrete binder course mixtures containing binary blended cementitious filler (BBCF). Construction and Building Materials, 124. pp. 414-423. ISSN 0950-0618


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Hayes, L, Sourani, A and Begum, S (2016) An Investigation into the Improvement of Tendering Processes and the Level of Competition for PFI Construction Projects. Journal of Modern Project Management, 4 (1). ISSN 2317-3963


Jafer, HM and Atherton, W (2016) Characterisation of Soft Soil Microstructure Stabilised With Binary Blending Using Two Waste Fly Ashes. In: 2nd BUiD Doctoral Research Conference, 14 May 2016 - 14 May 2016, The British University in Dubai. (Unpublished)

Jafer, HM, Atherton, W, Ruddock, F and Loffill, E (2016) Mechanical Activation of a Waste Material Used AS Cement Replacement in Soft Soil Stabilisation. In: 15th Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure Conference, 24 February 2016 - 25 February 2016, LJMU. (Unpublished)

Jafer, HM, Atherton, W, Ruddock, F and Loffill, E (2016) The Utilisation of Two Types of Fly Ashes Used as Cement Replacement in Soft Soil Stabilisation. International Journal of Civil, Environmental, Structural, Construction and Architectural Engineering, 10 (7). pp. 881-884. ISSN 1307-6892

Jafer, HM, Hashim, KS, Atherton, W and Al-attabi, A (2016) A Statistical Model for the Geotechnical Parameters of Cement-Stabilised Hightown's Soft Soil: A Case Study of Liverpool, UK. International Journal of Civil, Environmental, Structural, Construction and Architectural Engineering, 10 (7). pp. 885-890. ISSN 1307-6892

Jebur, AAJ, Atherton, W, Alkhaddar, R and Loffill, E (2016) “Simulation of Soil Pile Interaction of Steel Batter Piles Penetrated in Sandy Soil subjected to Pull-out Loads”. International Journal of Civil, Environmental, Structural, Construction and Architectural Engineering, 10 (5). pp. 600-605.

Jebur, AAJ, Atherton, W, Loffill, E and Alkhaddar, R (2016) “Analysis of The Lateral Response of A Reinforced Concrete Pile Penetrated In Sand Soil Using Finite Element”. In: International Conference for Doctoral Research, 14 May 2016 - 15 May 2016, British University in Dubai. (Unpublished)

Jebur, AAJ, Atherton, W, Loffill, E and Alkhaddar, R (2016) DEEP FOUNDATIONS: ANALYSIS OF THE LATERAL RESPONSE OF CLOSED ENDED STEEL TUBULAR PILES EMBEDDED IN SANDY SOIL USING p-y CURVES. In: 15th Asphalt, Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure Conference, 24 February 2016 - 25 February 2016, LJMU. (Unpublished)


Khalaf, M, Hussain, A, Al-Jumeily, D, Keight, R, Keenan, R, Fergus, P, AlAskar, H, Shaw, A and Olatunji, I (2016) Training Neural networks for Experimental models: Classifying Biomedical Datasets for Sickle Cell Disease. In: Intelligent Computing Theories and Application: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 9771. pp. 784-795. (2016 International Conference on Intelligent Computation, 02 August 2016 - 05 August 2016, Lanzhou,China).

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Kot, P, Shaw, A, Ali, A, Alias, A and Riley, ML (2016) The Application of Electromagnetic Waves in Monitoring Water Infiltration on Concrete Flat Roof: The Case of Malaysia. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, 122. pp. 435-445. ISSN 0950-0618

Kovvuri, PRR, Sawhney, A, Ahuja, R and Sreekumar, A (2016) Efficient Project Delivery Using Lean Principles - An Indian Case Study. Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A, 97 (1). pp. 19-26. ISSN 2250-2149


Leiblein, T, Tucker, MP, Ashall, M, Al Khaddar, RM and Hofer, S (2016) Risk Management - Hygiene and Legionella in water systems in hospitals: Relevance for Facility Management and Facility Services. Waterline - The Journal of the Water Management Society. pp. 8-10.

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Ma, F, Sha, A, Lin, R, Huang, Y and Wang, C (2016) Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Asphalt Pavement Construction: A Case Study in China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13 (3). ISSN 1660-4601

Ma, F, Sha, A, Yang, P and Huang, Y (2016) The Greenhouse Gas Emission from Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction in China. International Journal for Environmental Research and Public Health, 13 (7). ISSN 1660-4601

Maliene, V and Diciunaite-Rauktiene, R (2016) FACTORS INFLUENCING CITIES PEDESTRIAN STREET FUNCTIONALITY AND SUSTAINABLE LAND USE. Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific Conference Rural Development 2015. ISSN 1822-3230

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Alex Mason (2016) Apparatus and Method for Measuring Water Activity in Food Products. .

Mason, ASA, Abdullah, B, Muradov, M, Korostynska, O, Al-Shamma'a, A, Bjarnadottir, SG, Lunde, K and Alvseike, O (2016) Theoretical Basis and Application for Measuring Pork Loin Drip Loss Using Microwave Spectroscopy. Sensors, 16 (182). ISSN 1424-8239


Nixon, S, Brooman, SD, Murphy, RC and Fearon, DJ (2016) Clarity, consistency and communication: using enhanced dialogue to create a course-based feedback strategy. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. ISSN 1469-297X


Oon, CS, Ateeq, M, Shaw, A, Al-Shamma’a, A, Kazi, SN and Badarudin, A (2016) Experimental study on a feasibility of using electromagnetic wave cylindrical cavity sensor to monitor the percentage of water fraction in a two phase system. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 245. pp. 140-149. ISSN 0924-4247

Oon, CS, Ateeq, M, Shaw, A, Wylie, S, Al-Shamma'a, A and Kazi, SN (2016) Detection of the gas–liquid two-phase flow regimes using non-intrusive microwave cylindrical cavity sensor. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 30 (17). pp. 2241-2255. ISSN 0920-5071


Prochorskaite, A (2016) An investigation of the ‘soft’ features of sustainable and healthy housing design: Exploring stakeholder preferences and their provision in new housing developments. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

Prochorskaite, A, Couch, C, Malys, N and Maliene, V (2016) Housing Stakeholder Preferences for the "Soft" Features of Sustainable and Healthy Housing Design in the UK. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13 (1). ISSN 1660-4601


Riley, ML, Kamaruzzaman, S, noor ashiqin, N and zawawi, A (2016) Critical Aspects of the Inclusive Environmental for the Well-being of Building Occupant – A Review. In: MATEC Web of Conferences , 66. (The 4th International Building Control Conference 2016, 07 March 2016 - 08 March 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).


Salazar-Alvarez, M, Korostynska, O, Mason, A, Tofail, SAM and Magner, E (2016) Detection of protein adsorption on hydroxyapatite using electromagnetic sensors. In: Electrically Active Materials for Medical Devices. Imperial College Press. ISBN 9781783269860

Shah, RK (2016) An Exploration Of Causes For Delay And Cost Overrun In Construction Projects: A Case Study Of Australia, Malaysia & Ghana. Journal of Advanced College of Engineering and Management, 2 (1). pp. 41-55. ISSN 2392-4853

Shah, RK and Edwards, J (2016) Investigation of health and safety impact from the ‘Site BIM’ tools in the live construction sites. Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management, 6 (2). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2233-9582

Shah, RK and Edwards, J (2016) A study of ‘Site BIM’ impact on health and safety in construction sites. In: 16th International Conference on Construction Application of Virtual Reality (CONVR),, 12 December 2016 - 13 November 2016, Hong Kong. (Accepted)


Tucker, MP and Aderiye, T (2016) Cultural integration of external service provider employees into client workplaces. Journal of Facilities Management, 14 (4). pp. 363-384. ISSN 1472-5967

Tucker, MP and Masuri, MR (2016) The Rationale to Integrate Facilities Management Into the Development Process. Property Management, 34 (4). pp. 332-344. ISSN 1758-731X


Ugonna, CU (2016) Strategic project management concept for executing research and development projects in public research organisations in Nigeria: an empirical study. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


WIJEKOON, C, Manewa, RMAS, Ross, A and DAVIES, C (2016) EVALUATING THE ABILITY OF BIM TO ENHANCE VALUE IN FACILITIES INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. In: Proceedings 32nd Annual ARCOM Conference . pp. 1225-1234. (ARCOM 32nd Annual Conference, 05-07th September 2016, Manchester, UK).

Wijekoon, KA, Manewa, A, Ross, A and Marsh, D (2016) Towards facilities information management through BIM. In: Symposium Proceedings - 2016 . (5th World Construction Symposium 2016, 29 July 2016 - 31 July 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Wilson, HK and Cotgrave, AJ (2016) Factors that influence students' satisfaction with their physical learning environments. Structural Survey, 34 (3). pp. 256-275. ISSN 0263-080X

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