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Christofaro, DG, Chudek, J, Cifkova, R, Cilia, M, Cinteza, E, Cirillo, M, Claessens, F, Clare, P, Clarke, J, Clays, E, Cohen, E, Cojocaru, CR, Colorado-Yohar, S, Compañ-Gabucio, L-M, Concin, H, Confortin, SC, Cooper, C, Coppinger, TC, Corpeleijn, E, Cortés, LY, Costanzo, S, Cottel, D, Cowell, C, Craig, CL, Crampin, AC, Cross, AJ, Crujeiras, AB, Cruz, JJ, Csányi, T, Csilla, S, Cucu, AM, Cui, L, Cureau, FV, Czenczek-Lewandowska, E, D'Arrigo, G, d'Orsi, E, da Silva, AG, Dacica, L, Dahm, CC, Dallongeville, J, Damasceno, A, Damsgaard, CT, Dankner, R, Dantoft, TM, Dasgupta, P, Dastgiri, S, Dauchet, L, Davletov, K, de Assis Guedes de Vasconcelos, F, de Assis, MAA, De Backer, G, De Bacquer, D, De Bacquer, J, de Bont, J, De Curtis, A, de Fragas Hinnig, P, de Gaetano, G, De Henauw, S, De Miguel-Etayo, P, De Neve, J-W, Duarte de Oliveira, P, De Ridder, D, De Ridder, K, de Rooij, SR, de Sá, ACMGN, De Smedt, D, Deepa, M, Deev, AD, DeGennaro, VJ, Delisle, H, Delpeuch, F, Demarest, S, Dennison, E, Dereń, K, Deschamps, V, Devrishov, RD, Dhimal, M, Di Castelnuovo, A, Dias-da-Costa, JS, Díaz-Sánchez, ME, Diaz, A, Díaz Fernández, P, Díez Ripollés, MP, Dika, Z, Djalalinia, S, Djordjic, V, Do, HTP, Dobson, AJ, Dominguez, L, Donati, MB, Donfrancesco, C, Dong, G, Dong, Y, Donoso, SP, Döring, A, Dorobantu, M, Dorosty, AR, Dörr, M, Doua, K, Dragano, N, Drygas, W, Du, S, Duan, JL, Duante, CA, Duboz, P, Duleva, VL, Dulskiene, V, Dumith, SC, Dushpanova, A, Dwyer, T, Dyussupova, A, Dzerve, V, Dziankowska-Zaborszczyk, E, Ebrahimi, N, Echeverría, G, Eddie, R, Eftekhar, E, Efthymiou, V, Egbagbe, EE, Eggertsen, R, Eghtesad, S, Eiben, G, Ekelund, U, El-Khateeb, M, El Ammari, L, El Ati, J, Eldemire-Shearer, D, Elliott, P, Enang, O, Endevelt, R, Engle-Stone, R, Erasmus, RT, Erem, C, Ergor, G, Eriksen, L, Eriksson, JG, Escobedo-de la Peña, J, Eslami, S, Esmaeili, A, Evans, A, Evans, RG, Faeh, D, Fagherazzi, G, Fakhradiyev, I, Fakhretdinova, AA, Fall, CH, Faramarzi, E, Farjam, M, Farrugia Sant'Angelo, V, Farzi, Y, Fattahi, MR, Fawwad, A, Fawzi, WW, Felix-Redondo, FJ, Ferguson, TS, Fernandes, RA, Fernández-Bergés, D, Ferrante, D, Ferrao, T, Ferrari, G, Ferrari, M, Ferrario, MM, Ferreccio, C, Ferreira, HS, Ferrer, E, Ferrieres, J, Figueiró, TH, Fijalkowska, A, Fink, G, Fisberg, M, Fischer, K, Foo, LH, Forsner, M, Fottrell, EF, Fouad, HM, Francis, DK, Franco, MDC, Fras, Z, Fraser, B, Frontera, G, Fuchs, FD, Fuchs, SC, Fujiati, II, Fujita, Y, Fumihiko, M, Furdela, V, Furusawa, T, Gabriela, SA, Gaciong, Z, Gafencu, M, Galán Cuesta, M, Galbarczyk, A, Galcheva, SV, Galenkamp, H, Galeone, D, Galfo, M, Galvano, F, Gao, J, Gao, P, Garcia-de-la-Hera, M, García Mérida, MJ, García Solano, M, Gareta, D, Garnett, SP, Gaspoz, J-M, Gasull, M, Gaya, ACA, Gaya, AR, Gazzinelli, A, Gehring, U, Geiger, H, Geleijnse, JM, George, R, Gerdts, E, Ghaderi, E, Ghamari, S-H, Ghanbari, A, Ghasemi, E, Gheorghe-Fronea, O-F, Gialluisi, A, Giampaoli, S, Gianfagna, F, Gieger, C, Gill, TK, Giovannelli, J, Gironella, G, Giwercman, A, Gkiouras, K, Glushkova, N, Godara, R, Godos, J, Gogen, S, Goldberg, M, Goltzman, D, Gómez, G, Gómez Gómez, JH, Gomez, LF, Gómez, SF, Gomula, A, Gonçalves Cordeiro da Silva, B, Gonçalves, H, Gonçalves, M, González-Alvarez, AD, Gonzalez-Chica, DA, González-Gil, EM, Gonzalez-Gross, M, González-Leon, M, González-Rivas, JP, González-Villalpando, C, González-Villalpando, M-E, Gonzalez, AR, Gottrand, F, Graça, AP, Grafnetter, D, Grajda, A, Grammatikopoulou, MG, Gregg, EW, Gregor, RD, Gregório, MJ, Grøholt, EK, Grøntved, A, Grosso, G, Gruden, G, Gu, D, Guajardo, V, Gualdi-Russo, E, Guallar-Castillón, P, Gualtieri, A, Gudmundsson, EF, Gudnason, V, Guerchet, M, Guerrero, R, Guessous, I, Guimaraes, AL, Gujral, UP, Gulliford, MC, Gunnlaugsdottir, J, Gunter, MJ, Guo, X-H, Guo, Y, Gupta, PC, Gupta, R, Gureje, O, Gurinović, MA, Gutiérrez González, E, Gutierrez, L, Gutzwiller, F, Gwee, X, Ha, S, Hadaegh, F, Hadjigeorgiou, CA, Haghshenas, R, Hakimi, H, Halkjær, J, Hambleton, IR, Hamzeh, B, Hanekom, WA, Hange, D, Hanif, AAM, Hantunen, S, Hao, J, Hardman, CM, Hardy, L, Hari Kumar, R, Harmer Lassen, T, Harooni, J, Hashemi-Shahri, SM, Hassapidou, M, Hata, J, Haugsgjerd, T, Hayes, AJ, He, J, He, Y, He, Y, Heidinger-Felső, R, Heier, M, Heinen, M, Hejgaard, T, Hendriks, ME, Henrique, RDS, Henriques, A, Hernandez Cadena, L, Herrala, S, Herrera-Cuenca, M, Herrera, VM, Herter-Aeberli, I, Herzig, K-H, Heshmat, R, Heude, B, Hill, AG, Ho, SY, Ho, SC, Hobbs, M, Höfelmann, DA, Holdsworth, M, Homayounfar, R, Homs, C, Hoogendijk, E, Hopman, WM, Horimoto, ARVR, Hormiga, CM, Horta, BL, Houti, L, Howitt, C, Htay, TT, Htet, AS, Htike, MMT, Hu, Y, Huerta, JM, Huhtaniemi, IT, Huiart, L, Huidumac Petrescu, C, Husseini, A, Huu, CN, Huybrechts, I, Hwalla, N, Hyska, J, Iacoviello, L, Iakupova, EM, Ibarluzea, J, Ibrahim, MM, Ibrahim Wong, N, Igland, J, Ijoma, C, Ikram, MA, Iñiguez, C, Irazola, VE, Ishida, T, Isiguzo, GC, Islam, M, Islam, SMS, Islek, D, Ittermann, T, Ivanova-Pandourska, IY, Iwasaki, M, Jääskeläinen, T, Jackson, RT, Jacobs, JM, Jadoul, M, Jafar, T, Jallow, B, James, K, Jamil, KM, Jamrozik, K, Jan, N, Jansson, A, Janszky, I, Janus, E, Jarani, J, Jarnig, G, Jarvelin, M-R, Jasienska, G, Jelaković, A, Jelaković, B, Jennings, G, Jiang, CQ, Jimenez, RO, Jöckel, K-H, Joffres, M, Jokelainen, JJ, Jonas, JB, Jonnagaddala, J, Jøran Kjerpeseth, L, Jørgensen, T, Joshi, P, Joshi, R, Josipović, J, Joukar, F, Jóźwiak, JJ, Judge, DS, Juolevi, A, Jurak, G, Jurca Simina, I, Juresa, V, Kaaks, R, Kaducu, FO, Kadvan, AL, Kafatos, A, Kaj, M, Kajantie, EO, Kakutia, N, Kállayová, D, Kalmatayeva, Z, Kalter-Leibovici, O, Kameli, Y, Kanala, KR, Kannan, S, Kapantais, E, Karaglani, E, Karakosta, A, Kårhus, LL, Karki, KB, Karlsson, O, Kassi Anicet, A, Katchunga, PB, Katibeh, M, Katz, J, Katzmarzyk, PT, Kauhanen, J, Kaur, P, Kavousi, M, Kazakbaeva, GM, Kaze, FF, Kazembe, BM, Ke, C, Keil, U, Keinan Boker, L, Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S, Kelishadi, R, Kelleher, C, Kemper, HCG, Keramati, M, Kerimkulova, A, Kersting, M, Key, T, Khader, YS, Khaledifar, A, Khalili, D, Kheiri, B, Kheradmand, M, Khosravi, A, Khouw, IMSL, Kiechl-Kohlendorfer, U, Kiechl, SJ, Kiechl, S, Killewo, J, Kim, HC, Kim, J, Kindblom, JM, Kingston, A, Klakk, H, Klanarong, S, Klanova, J, Klimek, M, Klimont, J, Klumbiene, J, Knoflach, M, Kobel, S, Koirala, B, Kolle, E, Kolo, SM, Kolsteren, P, König, J, Korpelainen, R, Korrovits, P, Korzycka, M, Kos, J, Koskinen, S, Kouda, K, Koussoh Simone, M, Kovács, É, Kovacs, VA, Kovalskys, I, Kowlessur, S, Koziel, S, Kratenova, J, Kratzer, W, Kriaucioniene, V, Kriemler, S, Kristensen, PL, Krizan, H, Kroker-Lobos, MF, Krokstad, S, Kromhout, D, Kruger, HS, Kruger, R, Kryst, Ł, Kubinova, R, Kuciene, R, Kujala, UM, Kujundzic, E, Kulaga, Z, Kulimbet, M, Kulothungan, V, Kumar, RK, Kumari, M, Kunešová, M, Kurjata, P, Kusuma, YS, Kutsenko, V, Kuulasmaa, K, Kyobutungi, C, La, QN, Laamiri, FZ, Laatikainen, T, Labadarios, D, Lachat, C, Lackner, KJ, Lai, D, Laid, Y, Lall, L, Lam, TH, Landaeta Jimenez, M, Landais, E, Lankila, T, Lanska, V, Lappas, G, Larijani, B, Larissa, SP, Lateva, MP, Latt, TS, Laurenzi, M, Lauria, L, Lazo-Porras, M, Le Coroller, G, Le Nguyen Bao, K, Le Port, A, Le, TD, Lee, J, Lee, J, Lee, PH, Lehtimäki, T, Lemogoum, D, Leong, E, Leskošek, B, Leszczak, J, Leth-Møller, KB, Leung, GM, Levitt, NS, Li, Y, Liivak, M, Lilly, CL, Lim, C, Lim, W-Y, Lima-Costa, MF, Lin, X, Lind, L, Lingam, V, Linkohr, B, Linneberg, A, Lissner, L, Litwin, M, Liu, J, Liu, L, Liu, L, Liu, X, Lo, W-C, Loit, H-M, Long, KQ, Longo Abril, G, Lopes, L, Lopes, MSS, Lopes, O, Lopez-Garcia, E, Lopez, T, Lotufo, PA, Lozano, JE, Lukrafka, JL, Luksiene, D, Lundqvist, A, Lunet, N, Lunogelo, C, Lustigová, M, Łuszczki, E, M'Buyamba-Kabangu, J-R, Ma, G, Ma, X, Machado-Coelho, GLL, Machado-Rodrigues, AM, Macia, E, Macieira, LM, Madar, AA, Madraisau, S, Madsen, AL, Maestre, GE, Maggi, S, Magliano, DJ, Magnacca, S, Magriplis, E, Mahasampath, G, Maire, B, Majer, M, Makdisse, M, Mäki, P, Malekpour, M-R, Malekzadeh, F, Malekzadeh, R, Malhotra, R, Mallikharjuna Rao, K, Malta, DC, Malyutina, SK, Maniego, LV, Manios, Y, Mann, JI, Mannix, MI, Mansour-Ghanaei, F, Manyanga, T, Manzato, E, Mapatano, MA, Marcil, A, Margozzini, P, Maria-Magdalena, R, Mariño, J, Markaki, A, Markey, O, Markidou Ioannidou, E, Marques-Vidal, P, Marques, LP, Marrugat, J, Martin-Prevel, Y, Martin, R, Martorell, R, Martos, E, Maruf, FA, Maruszczak, K, Marventano, S, Masala, G, Mascarenhas, LP, Masinaei, M, Masoodi, SR, Mathiesen, EB, Mathur, P, Matijasevich, A, Matłosz, P, Matsha, TE, Matsudo, V, Matteo, G, Maulik, PK, Mavrogianni, C, Mazur, A, McFarlane, SR, McGarvey, ST, McKee, M, McLean, RM, McLean, SB, McNairy, ML, McNulty, BA, Mediene Benchekor, S, Medzioniene, J, Mehlig, K, Mehrparvar, AH, Meirhaeghe, A, Meisfjord, J, Meisinger, C, Melgarejo, JD, Melkumova, M, Mello, J, Méndez, F, Mendivil, CO, Menezes, AMB, Menon, GR, Mensink, GBM, Menzano, MT, Meshram, II, Meto, DT, Meyer, HE, Mi, J, Michaelsen, KF, Michels, N, Mikkel, K, Miłkowska, K, Miller, JC, Milushkina, O, Minderico, CS, Mini, GK, Miquel, JF, Mirjalili, MR, Mirkopoulou, D, Mirrakhimov, E, Mišigoj-Duraković, M, Mistretta, A, Mocanu, V, Modesti, PA, Moghaddam, SS, Mohamed, SF, Mohammad, K, Mohammadi, MR, Mohammadi, Z, Mohammadifard, N, Mohammadpourhodki, R, Mohan, V, Mohanna, S, Mohd Yusoff, MF, Mohebbi, I, Moitry, M, Møllehave, LT, Møller, NC, Molnár, D, Momenan, A, Mondo, CK, Monroy-Valle, M, Montenegro Mendoza, RA, Monterrubio-Flores, E, Monyeki, KDK, Moon, JS, Moosazadeh, M, Mopa, HT, Moradpour, F, Moreira, LB, Morejon, A, Moreno, LA, Morey, F, Morgan, K, Morin, SN, Mortensen, EL, Moschonis, G, Moslem, A, Mosquera, M, Mossakowska, M, Mostafa, A, Mostafavi, S-A, Mota-Pinto, A, Mota, J, Motlagh, ME, Motta, J, Moura-dos-Santos, MA, Movsesyan, Y, Mridha, MK, Msyamboza, KP, Mu, TT, Muc, M, Muca, F, Mugoša, B, Muiesan, ML, Müller-Nurasyid, M, Münzel, T, Mursu, J, Murtagh, EM, Musa, KI, Musić Milanović, S, Musil, V, Musinguzi, G, Muyer, MT, Nabipour, I, Nagel, G, Najafi, F, Nakamura, H, Nalecz, H, Námešná, J, Nang, EEK, Nangia, VB, Nankap, M, Narake, S, Narayan, KMV, Nardone, P, Naseri, T, Nathalie, M, Neal, WA, Neelapaichit, N, Nejatizadeh, A, Nekkantti, C, Nelis, K, Nenko, I, Neovius, M, Nervi, F, Ng, TP, Nguyen, CT, Nguyen, ND, Nguyen, QN, Ni, MY, Nicolescu, R, Nie, P, Nieto-Martínez, RE, Nikitin, YP, Ning, G, Ninomiya, T, Nishi, N, Nishtar, S, Noale, M, Noboa, OA, Nogueira, H, Nordendahl, M, Nordestgaard, BG, Norton, KI, Noto, D, Nowak-Szczepanska, N, Nsour, MA, Nuhoğlu, I, Nunes, B, Nurk, E, Nuwaha, F, Nyirenda, M, O'Neill, TW, O'Reilly, D, Obreja, G, Ochimana, C, Ochoa-Avilés, AM, Oda, E, Odili, AN, Oh, K, Ohara, K, Ohlsson, C, Ohtsuka, R, Olafsson, Ö, Oldenburg, B, Olinto, MTA, Oliveira, IO, Omar, MA, Omar, SM, Onat, A, Ong, SK, Onland-Moret, NC, Ono, LM, Onodugo, O, Ordunez, P, Ornelas, R, Ortiz, AP, Ortiz, PJ, Osler, M, Osmond, C, Ostojic, SM, Ostovar, A, Otero, JA, Ottendahl, CB, Otu, A, Overvad, K, Owusu-Dabo, E, Oyeyemi, AY, Oyeyemi, AL, Paccaud, FM, Padez, CP, Pagkalos, I, Pahomova, E, de Paiva, KM, Pająk, A, Pajula, N, Palloni, A, Palmieri, L, Pan, W-H, Panda-Jonas, S, Pandey, A, Pang, Z, Panza, F, Paoli, M, Papadopoulou, SK, Papandreou, D, Pareja, RG, Park, S-W, Park, S, Parnell, WR, Parsaeian, M, Pascanu, IM, Pasquet, P, Patel, ND, Pattussi, M, Pavlyshyn, H, Pechlaner, R, Pećin, I, Pednekar, MS, Pedro, JM, Peer, N, Peixoto, SV, Peltonen, M, Pereira, AC, Peres, MA, Perez-Londoño, A, Pérez, CM, Peterkova, V, Peters, A, Petkeviciene, J, Petrauskiene, A, Petrovna Kovtun, O, Pettenuzzo, E, Peykari, N, Pfeiffer, N, Phall, MC, Pham, ST, Phiri, FP, Pichardo, RN, Pierannunzio, D, Pierre-Marie, P, Pigeot, I, Pikhart, H, Pilav, A, Piler, P, Pilotto, L, Pistelli, F, Pitakaka, F, Piwonska, A, Pizarro, AN, Plans-Rubió, P, Platonova, AG, Poh, BK, Pohlabeln, H, Polka, NS, Pop, RM, Popkin, BM, Popovic, SR, Porta, M, Posch, G, Poudyal, A, Poulimeneas, D, Pouraram, H, Pourfarzi, F, Pourshams, A, Poustchi, H, Price, AJ, Price, JF, Prista, A, Providencia, R, Puder, JJ, Pudule, I, Puhakka, S, Puiu, M, Punab, M, Qadir, MS, Qasrawi, RF, Qiao, Q, Qorbani, M, Quintana, HK, Quiroga-Padilla, PJ, Quoc Bao, T, Rach, S, Radic, I, Radisauskas, R, Rahimikazerooni, S, Rahman, M, Rahman, M, Raitakari, O, Raj, M, Rajabov, T, Rakhmatulloev, S, Rakovac, I, Ramachandra Rao, S, Ramachandran, A, Ramadan, OPC, Ramires, VV, Ramirez-Zea, M, Ramke, J, Ramos, E, Ramos, R, Rampal, L, Rampal, S, Ramsay, SE, Rangelova, LS, Rarra, V, Rascon-Pacheco, RA, Rashidi, M-M, Rech, CR, Redon, J, Reganit, PFM, Regecová, V, Renner, JDP, Repasy, JA, Reuter, CP, Revilla, L, Reynolds, A, Rezaei, N, Rezaianzadeh, A, Rho, Y, Ribas-Barba, L, Ribeiro, R, Riboli, E, Rigo, F, Rigotti, A, Rinaldo, N, Rinke de Wit, TF, Risérus, U, Rito, AI, Ritti-Dias, RM, Rivera, JA, Roa, RG, Robinson, L, Roccaldo, R, Rodrigues, D, Rodriguez-Perez, MDC, Rodríguez-Villamizar, LA, Rodríguez, AY, Roggenbuck, U, Rohloff, P, Rohner, 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