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Barrett, J and Fong, R (2020) Autonomy and the Other Woman: Queer Active Agency and Postcolonial Expectations. In: Piotrowska, A, (ed.) Creative Practice Research in the Age of Neoliberal Hopelessness. Edinburgh University Press, pp. 94-106. ISBN 9781474463560

Brown, M (2018) Dr Guyatri - A Champion of Palliative Care in India. [Video]

Brown, M (2020) Hospice Nepal. [Video]

Brown, M (2018) Khacchad:Mule. [Video]

Brown, M (2017) Leprosy - what if . . . [Video]

Brown, M (2017) Making It Home - the story of eleven ex-servicemen who came home to live on Cleenish Island. [Video]


Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : Auntie’s Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : Islands Adapting to Sea Level Rise. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2017) Racing the King Tide : Islands Adapting to Sea Level Rise. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : The Captain's Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : The Fisherman’s Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : The Health Worker's Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : The Mother’s Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C (2018) Racing the King Tide : The Teacher’s Story. [Video]

Chadwick, C, Storey, W and Turner, D (2021) LightNight 2021. [Video]

Coombs, Neil (2014) THE COMMUNICATING VILLAGE: HUMPHREY JENNINGS AND SURREALISM. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

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Cranfield, J The Pen, the Page & the Screen: British Authorship and Americanization in the Age of Silent Cinema. Twentieth Century Literature: a scholarly and critical journal. ISSN 0041-462X (Accepted)

Croft, J (2018) NOFIO/SWIMMING - exhibition held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Sat 17 March to Sat 26 May 2018. Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 17 March 2018 - 26 May 2018, Aberystwyth, Wales. [Show/Exhibition]

Cuming, EM (2018) Leave to Remain: Bedsits, B&Bs and Borders in Contemporary Fictions of Asylum. In: Briganti, C and Mezei, K, (eds.) Living with Strangers: Bedsits and Boarding Houses in Modern English Life, Literature and Film. Home . Bloomsbury Academic, London, pp. 161-176. ISBN 978-1-3500-1652-1


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Donnelly, C (2022) Can I Remember It Differently? [Video]

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Fearnehough, T and Mohaupt, H (2021) Where The Wind Blows - Trailer. [Video]

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Kilick, A (2017) Building a Small Cinema in Liverpool. [Video]

Kilick, A (2017) Building a Small Cinema: Resisting Neoliberal Colonization in Liverpool. Architecture_MPS.

Koens, L and Kooij, D (2018) Creative use of voice in non-fiction narrative film: an examination of the work of Peter Mettler. In: Cox, G and Corner, J, (eds.) Soundings: documentary film and the listening experience. University of Huddersfeld Press, pp. 151-172. ISBN 978-1-86218-154-0

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Maxwell, JP (2010) The Be All & End All. [Video]

Maxwell, JP (2007) Don't Worry About Me. [Video]

Maxwell, JP (2016) Violet City. [Video]

Mohaupt, H (2023) Jeco. [Video]

Mohaupt, H (2023) Like Flour - Trailer. [Video]

Mohaupt, H and Heath, S (2024) Kites. 125th Annual Exhibition at The Maclaurin Gallery, Ayr, 19th November 2023 - 14th January 2024, The Maclaurin Art Gallery, Rozelle Park, Monument Road, KA7 4NQ. [Show/Exhibition]


Papadimitriou, L Co-productions and Cultural Value: The Case of Balkan Cinema. In: Sideri, E, (ed.) Cultural Neighborhoods and Coproductions in South East Europe and Beyond. University of Macedonia Press, Thessaloniki, pp. 15-30. ISBN 978-618-5196-58-5 (Accepted)

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Pyper, N, Selby, M and Tomlins, R (2020) Urban Space, Politics, and Socio-ethnic Relations in Roma. In: Proceedings of British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 2020 . (British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference 2020 In the Cloud, 2-4 September 2020, Online).


Wilkinson, C, Silverio, SA and Wilkinson, S (2020) The neoliberal university and the neurotic academic: A textual analysis of ITV drama Cheat. Journal of Further and Higher Education. ISSN 0309-877X

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