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Abbas, K, Eltweri, A, Nawaz, MK and Ali, Z (2023) "Systematic Analysis of the Factors That Impact upon the Mindset of Knowledge Sharing Behaviour (KSB) for Individuals within Academia". Administrative Sciences, 13 (7). ISSN 2076-3387

Ali, N (2023) Muslim women’s clothing style and the key factors influencing their intention to purchase modest clothing in the UK. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


Bai, H and McColl, J (2023) The Outlook of Luxury Fahsion Retailers' Multiple Channel Distribution Strategies. In: Pioneering New Perspectives in the Fashion Industry Disruption, Diversity and Sustainable Innovation. Emerald Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, pp. 255-263. ISBN 9781803823485

Bai, H and McColl, J (2023) The Outlook of Luxury Fahsion Retailers' Multiple Channel Distribution Strategies. In: Pioneering New Perspectives in the Fashion Industry Disruption, Diversity and Sustainable Innovation. Emerald Publishing Limited, United Kingdom, pp. 255-264. ISBN 9781803823485

Belal, H, Saha, P, Talapatra, S, Jackson, V, Mason, A and Durowoju, O (2023) Examining the Viability of Lean Production Practices in the Industry 4.0 era: An Empirical Evidence Based on B2B Garment Manufacturing Sector. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. ISSN 0885-8624

Belal, H, Sonar, H, Foropon, C, Manatkar, R and Sonwaney, V (2023) Examining the causal factors of the Electric Vehicle Adoption: A pathway to tackle climate change in resource-constrained environment. Annals of Operations Research. ISSN 0254-5330

Bergmann, R, Wall, T, Kjærgaard, A, Elliott, C, Callahan, J, Padan, T, Blasco, M and Robinson, S (2023) Subtle activism: Heterotopic principles for unsettling contemporary academia from within. Organization: the interdisciplinary journal of organization, theory and society. ISSN 1350-5084

Bustamante, J, Oughton, C, Pesque-Cela, V and Tobin, D (2023) Resolving the patents paradox in the era of COVID-19 and climate change: Towards a patents taxonomy. Research Policy, 52 (9). ISSN 0048-7333


Cao, B, Dubey, R and Luo, Z (2023) Examining B2B channel decision-making within differential quality-level zone: a supply chain design using a non-cooperative strategic game theoretic approach (“Stackelberg Supply Chain for B2B”). Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. ISSN 0885-8624

Carlini, J, Lehman, K, Dharmesti, M and Knox, K (2023) Maximizing value in healthcare partnerships: A case examining an inter‐organizational relationship in the public and non‐profit sectors. Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing. ISSN 2691-1361

Chen, PSL, Fan, H, Enshaei, H, Zhang, W, Shi, W, Abdussamie, N, Miwa, T, Qu, Z and Yang, Z (2023) A review on ports’ readiness to facilitate international hydrogen trade. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 48 (46). pp. 17351-17369. ISSN 0360-3199 (Accepted)

Crone, S and Ganga, R (2023) Revisiting the impact of Liverpool as ECoC 2008: the lost opportunity to reconcile cultural policy and evaluation. Arts and the Market. ISSN 2056-4945

Cronshaw, S and Wolstencroft, P (2023) Student Engagement Guidelines: Learning from innovative practices introduced in response to COVID-19 A collaboration of 10 UK modern universities. Project Report. Quality Assurance Agency.


Dinning, TM and Wolstencroft, P (2023) It takes two: Co-leadership in British higher education. CABS Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Duignan, MB, Brittain, I, Hansen, M, Fyall, A, Gerard, S and Page, S (2023) Leveraging accessible tourism development through mega-events, and the disability-attitude gap. Tourism Management, 99. ISSN 0261-5177


Faccia, A, Manni, F, Eltweri, A, Cavaliere, LPL and Pandey, V (2023) Anonymity And Trust Roles In The Digital Barter Age: Digital Transformation Framework And Digital Assets Popularity Assessment. In: ACM Digital Library . (6th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2022), Shenzhen, China).

Fatokun, BO (2023) Customers’ Affective Responses Towards the Key Factors Influencing E-Commerce Adoption: Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Approach. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool john Moores University, UK.

Fletcher, T (2023) Using a virtual learning environment to enhance reflective practice in work-based learning. Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning. ISSN 2042-3896

Foster, S, Trang, LT, Foster, AJ, Thi Hanh Tien, H and Knight, S (2023) Digital Wellbeing – A review of the JISC guidance from the UK and Vietnam. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning. ISSN 2042-3896

Fries, J and Wall, T (2023) Drama as a hopeful practice when navigating liminal times. Nordic Journal of Art and Research, 12 (2). pp. 1-19. ISSN 2535-7328


Gandy, RJ and Foster, S (2023) Red Wall Blues. Political Studies Association.

Gandy, RJ, Wolstencroft, P, Geer, K and de Main, L (2023) Clear vision: a step towards unravelling student recruitment in English universities? Benchmarking: An International Journal. ISSN 1463-5771

Gao, B and Yu, K (2023) Knowledge exchange in SMEs service innovation with design thinking. Management Decision. ISSN 0025-1747

Georgiadis, K, Kalaganis, FP, Riskos, K, Matta, E, Oikonomou, VP, Yfantidou, I, Chantziaras, D, Pantouvakis, K, Nikolopoulos, S, Laskaris, NA and Kompatsiaris, I (2023) NeuMa - the absolute Neuromarketing dataset en route to an holistic understanding of consumer behaviour. Scientific Data, 10 (1). ISSN 2052-4463

Guillot, R, Dubey, R and Kumari, S (2023) B2B Supply Chain Risk Measurement Systems: A SCOR Perspective. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. ISSN 0885-8624


Heyworth-Thomas, EM (2023) Creating experiential learning opportunities in enterprise education: an example of a facilitator-led business simulation game in a taught setting. Journal of Work-Applied Management. ISSN 2205-2062

Hindmarsh, M, Ikramullah, A, Ruiz-Alba, JL and López-Tenorio, PJ (2023) Grassroots football club stakeholders' sponsorship: the role of happiness and shared values. Management Decision. ISSN 0025-1747

Huber, E, Lê, NC, Nguyen, HT and Wall, T (2023) Co-design for connected learning at scale: a cross-cultural review of guidance. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning. ISSN 2042-3896


Iliashenko, I, Papagiannis, F, Gazzola, P, Cherkas, N and Grechi, D (2023) Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Organisational Propensity to Innovate in a Public Sector Context. Journal of Entrepreneurship. ISSN 0973-0745

Ishaya, B, Paraskevadakis, D, Bury, A and Bryde, DJ (2023) A systematic literature review of modern slavery through benchmarking global supply chain. Benchmarking: an international journal. ISSN 1463-5771


Jackson, V and Boswell, F (2023) Perceptions of Men's Mental Health in the Workplace: A Case Study of Construction Workers in North-West England. UK Construction Blog.

Jackson, V, O'Brien, V and Richards, A (2023) Investigating the impact of experiential learning on employability skill development and employment outcomes: a UK case study of MBA students from the Indian Subcontinent. Journal of Education and Work. ISSN 1363-9080

Jolliffe, P, Collins, H and Gold, J (2023) Skilling marginalised or skills eco‐system, precarious workers and higher education - A case study of Roma in Liverpool, UK. International Journal of Training and Development. ISSN 1360-3736

Jolliffe, P and Vaughan, H (2023) Why it’s important to talk about our toilet needs in the workplace’ - Using Maslow's Needs Theory to Shine a Light on Workers Living with IBD in the Workplace. The Qualitative Report, 28 (3). pp. 929-959. ISSN 1052-0147

Jones, D, Wall, T, Kenworthy, A, Hurd, F, Dyer, S, Hudges, P and Sankaran, S (2023) Hiding in plain sight: Exploring the complex pathways between tactical concealment and relational wellbeing. Organization: the interdisciplinary journal of organization, theory and society, 30 (3). pp. 473-489. ISSN 1350-5084


Kayas, OG (2023) Workplace surveillance: A systematic review, integrative framework, and research agenda. Journal of Business Research, 168. ISSN 0148-2963


Leal Fihlo, W, Yayeh Ayal, D, Wall, T, Shiel, C, Paco, A, Pace, P, Mifsud, M, Lange Salvia, A, Skouloudis, A, Moggi, S, LeVasseur, T, Vinuesa Antonio, G, M Azeiteiro, U, Ioannis, N and Kovaleva, M (2023) An Assessment of Attitudes and Perceptions of International University Students on Climate Change. Climate Risk Management, 39. ISSN 2212-0963

Liu, H and Bai, H (2023) Luxury Fashion Retailers’ Internationalisation: A Mixed-Methods Study of Dynamic Process in China. In: Proceeds of the 8th Colloquium on European Research in Retailing (CERR) . pp. 139-146. (8th Colloquium on European Research in Retailing (CERR), Portsmouth University, Portsmouth, UK).

Lundgren, H, Stewart, J, Kah, S, Jones, J, Poell, R, Hamlin, R and Scully-Russ, E (2023) Mind the Gap – A Comparative Analysis of (In-)Congruences in HRD Role Perception. Human Resource Development International. ISSN 1367-8868


Nguyen, C, Tien, H and Jackson, V (2023) Enhancing students' digital skills through promotion relationship between business and university to digital era integration. In: Yearbook Scientific Seminar, 20th Anniversary of Establishment. Phu Xuan University Publishing House, Ho Chi Minh City, pp. 7-20.

Nolan, S, Faulkner, C, Christiaens, M and Hindmarsh, M (2023) 2022 Grand National Economic Impact Report. Technical Report. LJMU.


Padmali, R, Khan, H and Valaei, N (2023) Country of origin effects on consumer cognitive structures and preference for foreign brands among elites. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. ISSN 1361-2026

Pauli, L (2023) Utilising the Principles of Blockchain Technology for Managing Road Infrastructure Projects. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


Rasoolimanesh, SM, Valaei, N and Rezaei, S (2023) Guideline for Application of fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) in Tourism and Hospitality Studies. In: Cutting Edge Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism. Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 137-156. ISBN 9781804550649

Redmond, D, Hindmarsh, M and Godfrey, C (2023) Understanding the impact COVID-19 has had on grassroots cycling: the perspective of grassroots volunteers and British cycling staff. Managing Sport and Leisure. ISSN 2375-0472

Rowe, L, Knight, L, Irvine, PA and Greenwood, J (2023) Communities of practice for contemporary leadership development and knowledge exchange through work-based learning. Journal of Education and Work. pp. 1-17. ISSN 1363-9080


Shi, J and Bai, H (2023) Dual-Internationalization Strategies of Emerging Market E-tailers. In: Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy, 52nd . A2023-112345. (EMAC Annual Conference 2023, 23rd May - 26th May 2023, Odense, Danmark).

Shore, A (2023) Learning from failure in higher education institutions. TH&MA, 5.

Shore, A and Dinning, T (2023) Developing student's skills and work readiness: an experiential learning framework. Journal of Work-Applied Management. ISSN 2205-2062

Silverwood, J and Wolstencroft, P (2023) The Ruskin Speech and Great Debate in English education, 1976–1979: A study of motivation. British Educational Research Journal. ISSN 0141-1926

Singh, RK, Modgil, S and Shore, A (2023) Building artificial intelligence enabled resilient supply chain: a multi-method approach. Journal of Enterprise Information Management. ISSN 1741-0398

Skritsovali, K (2023) Learning through playing: Appreciating the role of gamification in business management education. Journal of Management Development. ISSN 0262-1711

Skritsovali, K (2023) Learning through playing: appreciating the role of gamification in business management education during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Management Development, 42 (5). pp. 388-398. ISSN 0262-1711

Skritsovali, K, Randles, S and Hannibal, C (2023) Missing Attention to Power Dynamics in Collaborative Multi-Actor Business Models for Sustainability. Sustainability, 15 (3). ISSN 2071-1050

Stevens, M (2023) Adoption of participatory action research to develop an innovative research method teaching resource: Research Methods Roadmap game. Sage Research Methods Cases Part 1.

Stevens, M (2023) Challenges and Opportunities of using Action Research to Develop a Strategic Redundancy Implementation Model. Sage Research Methods Cases: Business and Management (blind peer reviewed).

Stevens, M and O'Reilly Duffy, P (2023) Work based learning in the hospitality industry: addressing labour challenges through academia and industry collaboration. In: CIPD Applied Research Conference, Manchester UK.

Sugden, JT, Sheps, S and Sugden, J (2023) Assessing governance without government: A proposal for the International Council of Sport Governance. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. ISSN 1940-6940


Tomej, K, Hansen, M and Blichfeldt, BS (2023) Travel information needs of informal carers of people living with dementia. Current Issues in Tourism. ISSN 1368-3500

Tran, THU, Lau, KH and Ong, CE (2023) Mediating role of internationalization readiness in the adoption of social sustainability practices: Evidence from Vietnamese handicraft companies. Business Strategy and Development. ISSN 2572-3170


Wadham, H, Hart, C, Kettleborough, HM, Marron, R, Randles, S, Skritsovali, K, Tucker, M and Hashmi, A (2023) Sustainability Education Beyond the Classroom: How the “Exploding University” Nurtures Collective Intelligence Across Local and Global Communities. In: Meletiadou, E, (ed.) Handbook of Research on Implications of Sustainable Development in Higher Education. IGI Global.

Wall, T, Blasco, M, Nkomo, S, Racz, M and Mandiola, M (2023) In Praise of Shadows: exploring the hidden (responsibility) curriculum. Management Learning. ISSN 1350-5076

Wall, T, Christine, M and Rachel, R (2023) Stepping up to levelling up. The MJ.

Wall, T, Sachikonye, C, Carline, L, Shore, A, Stevens, M, Brown, J, Skritsovali, K, Hindley, A, Parasram, I, Tyreman, S, Westcott, C, Harvey, R and Carpenter, B (2023) Social Value at Universities: Policy and Practice Guidance. Project Report. Social Value International, Liverpool.

Wasim, J, Haj Youssef, M, Christodoulou, I and Reinhardt, R (2023) Higher education student intentions behind becoming an entrepreneur. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning. ISSN 2042-3896

Wen, B, Foster, S and Abbass, K (2023) How do small family businesses enhance workplace learning? From knowledge sharing and hiding perspectives. International Journal of HRD Practices , Policy and Research, 7. pp. 2-98. ISSN 2397-4583

Wolstencroft, P and Dinning, TM (2023) Leading a large and disparate school in higher education. In: Outhwaite, Deborah and Simon, Catherine, (eds.) Leadership and Management for Education Studies. Taylor & Francis. ISBN 9781003321439

Wolstencroft, P and Silverwood, J (2023) The easy option: How the Ruskin Speech has become a cipher for change in British education. BERA.

Wolstencroft, P, Whitfield, E and Dinning, T (2023) A tale of two objectives: The challenge of meeting diverse targets in UK Business School. PRISM:Casting New Light on Learning, Theory & Practice. ISSN 2514-5347

Wolstencroft, P, Whitfield, E and Dinning, TM (2023) Convergence in the English and French education systems: Vive la difference! Emerald.

Worme, K (2023) Corporate Governance – A comparative analysis of the approach to corporate governance regulation and enforcement in the UK and the US. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


Yfantidou, I (2023) An evaluation of the websites of sustainable tourism websites. An eye tracking experiment. In: 11th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues Conference Proceedings . pp. 150-160. (11th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues, 12-14 July 2023, Corfu Greece).

Yfantidou, I and Scaife, R (2023) Why Did The Home-Based Business Model Flourish On Instagram During The COVID-19 Lockdown In The UK? In: International Conference of Contemporary Marketing Issues . (ICCMI, 8th Jul - 10th Jul 2022, Naxos, Greece).


Ziniel, C and Gransden, C (2023) How Value Congruence Affects Fan Consumption Behaviour. International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing, 23 (1/2). pp. 21-43. ISSN 1475-8962

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