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Ahuir-Torres, JI, Chen, X, Mason, L, Gambron, P, Walker, DD, Yu, G, Li, H, Mishra, R, Akar, Y, Jackson, FF and Bingham, PA (2022) Study of the Normal Force and Velocity Influence on the Fused Silica Scratching Mechanisms with α-Alumina Grit at Atomic Scale via Reaxff Reactive Molecular Dynamic Simulations. In: Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology . (The 24th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology (ISAAT), 9th-12th December 2022, Guangzhou, China).

Ahuir-Torres, JI, Sharp, M, Bakradze, N and Batako, ADL (2022) Microstructural Design of the Cast Iron via Laser Hardening with Defocused Beam of the Continuous Wave CO2 Laser. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series , 2198 (1). 012048-012048. (15th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management (GCMM 2021), Liverpool, UK).

Ahuir-Torres, JI and Sharp, MC (2022) Influence of Pulse Energy and a Material’s Magnetic Field on the Morphology of the Dimples Produced with Nanosecond Pulsed Laser on a Magnet. Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing. ISSN 2196-7229

Al-Baghdadi, HM, Mahan, HM, Shubbar, AAF and Al-Khafaji, ZS (2022) Studying the Impact of Imposed Actual Loads on the Non-Destructive Test Results for Evaluating the Compressive Strength and Other Properties of Concrete. International Review of Civil Engineering (IRECE), 13 (3). ISSN 2036-9913

Al-Busaltan, S, Nemaa, ZK, Kadhim, MA and Al-Jawad, O (2022) Estimating parking generation rate for Karbala holy city using multi-variables approach. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 9 (2). pp. 415-429.

Al-Mahdy, A, Kotadia, H, Sharp, MC, Opoz, T, Mullett, J and Ahuir Torres, JI (2022) Effect of Surface Roughness on the Surface Texturing of 316l Stainless Steel by Nanosecond Pulsed Laser. Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing. ISSN 2196-7237

Alharbi, M, Edwards, G and Stocker, R (2022) Design and Simulation of Reversible Time Synchronized Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Combinational Logic Circuits with Ultralow Energy. International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies, 13 (12). pp. 1-22. ISSN 2228-9860

Amin, M, Abdullah, BM, Rowley-Neale, SJ, Wylie, S, Slate, AJ, Banks, CE and Whitehead, KA (2022) Diamine Oxidase-Conjugated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes to Facilitate Electrode Surface Homogeneity. Sensors, 22 (2). ISSN 1424-8220

Angel, O, Rothwell, G, English, R, Ren, J and Cummings, A (2022) Effect of post processing of digital image correlation on obtaining accurate true stress-strain data for AISI 304L. Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 54 (9). pp. 3205-3214. ISSN 1738-5733

Ashwath, P, Xavior, MA, Batako, ADL, Jeyapandiarajan, P and Joel, J (2022) Selective laser melting of Al–Si–10Mg alloy: microstructural studies and mechanical properties assessment. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 17. pp. 2249-2258. ISSN 2238-7854

Ashwath, P, Xavior, MA, Rajendran, R, Batako, ADL, Jeyapandiarajan, P and Joel, J (2022) Microwave-assisted T6 heat treating of aluminium alloy-Al2O3 nanocomposites. MRS Communications, 12 (2). pp. 245-249. ISSN 2159-6859

Aufa, A.N., Hassan, MZ, Ismail, Z, Harun, N, Ren, J and Sadali, MF (2022) Surface Enhancement in Ti-6al-4v Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting on Bone-Like Apatite Formation. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 19. pp. 4108-4030. ISSN 2238-7854


Baishya, K, Harvey, DM, Partida Manzanera, T, Zhang, G and Braden, DR (2022) Failure patterns of solder joints identified through lifetime vibration tests. Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation. pp. 1-25. ISSN 1058-9759

Bashir, M, Xu, Z, Wang, J and Soares, C (2022) Data-Driven Damage Quantification of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms Based on Multi-Scale Encoder–Decoder with Self-Attention Mechanism. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10 (12). ISSN 2077-1312

Blades, J, Jones, K and Robinson, C (2022) Audio Restoration of Dubplates: Cleaning and Digital Processing Lacquer Records from Reggae/Dancehall Culture. Electrotechnica & Electronica (Е+Е), 57 (9-12). pp. 87-96. ISSN 0861-4717

Bolbot, V, Gkerekos, C, Theotokatos, G and Boulougouris, E (2022) Automatic traffic scenarios generation for autonomous ships collision avoidance system testing. Ocean Engineering, 254. ISSN 0029-8018

Bolbot, V, Theotokatos, G and Wennersberg, LA (2022) A method to identify and rank objects and hazardous interactions affecting autonomous ships navigation. Journal of Navigation, 75 (3). pp. 572-593. ISSN 0373-4633

Burduk, A, Musiał, K, Balashov, A, Batako, A and Safonyk, A (2022) Solving scheduling problems with integrated online sustainability observation using heuristic optimization. Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 70 (6). pp. 1-9. ISSN 0239-7528

Burgess, A, Dodd, R, Radwani, M, Opoz, TT and Tammas-Williams, S (2022) The properties of stainless steel 17-4PH produced by a low cost additive manufacturing technique, the Marforged MetalX. Journal of Physics : Conference Series, 2198 (1). 012065-012065. ISSN 1742-6588

Bury, A (2022) A teaching tool for regulating students' thinking when troubleshooting under pressure. In: Liverpool John Moores University’s Students at the Heart Conference. . (Liverpool John Moores University’s Students at the Heart Conference., Liverpool, UK).


Cao, H, Chen, X, Li, H and Shen, C (2022) Frictional behaviour of the microstructural surfaces created by cylindrical grinding processes. Applied Sciences. ISSN 2076-3417

Chen, Y, Quan, M, Wang, D, Du, H, Hu, L, Zhao, Y, Guo, M and Liu, Y (2022) Optimization and comparison of multiple solar energy systems for public sanitation service buildings in Tibet. Energy Conversion and Management, 267. ISSN 0196-8904

Choi, J, Jeong, B, Theotokatos, G and Tezdogan, T (2022) Approach an autonomous vessel as a single robot with Robot Operating System in virtual environment. Journal of International Maritime Safety, Environmental Affairs, and Shipping, 6 (1). pp. 50-66. ISSN 2572-5084

Cui, R, Liu, Z, Wang, X, Yang, Z, Fan, S and Shu, Y (2022) The impact of marine engine noise exposure on seafarer fatigue: A China case. Ocean Engineering, 266 (3). ISSN 0029-8018

Cutler, J, Bashir, M, Yang, Y, Wang, J and Loughney, S (2022) Preliminary development of a novel catamaran floating offshore wind turbine platform and assessment of dynamic behaviours for intermediate water depth application. Ocean Engineering, 258. ISSN 0029-8018


Du, Y, Shao, W, Chai, Z, Zhao, H, Diao, Q, Gao, Y, Yuan, X, Wang, Q, Li, T, Zhang, WD, Zhang, JF and Min, T (2022) Synaptic 1/f noise injection for overfitting suppression in hardware neural networks. Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering, 2.

Díaz, H, Loughney, S, Wang, J and Guedes Soares, C (2022) Comparison of multicriteria analysis techniques for decision making on floating offshore wind farms site selection. Ocean Engineering, 248. ISSN 0029-8018


Eslami Majd, A, Ekere, NN, Rahmati Darvazi, A and Amini Sedehi, A (2022) Creep-fatigue lifetime estimation of efficient photovoltaic module ribbon interconnections. Microelectronics Reliability, 139. ISSN 0026-2714


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Gu, M, Wang, Z and Dordevic, O (2022) Analysis and Reduction of Current and Voltage Ripple in DC-Link for Three-Level NPC Inverter-Fed Dual Three-Phase Motor Drives. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 38 (4). pp. 5128-5140. ISSN 0885-8993

Guo, FB (2022) Experiencing the History and Cultural Heritage: The Tourist Centred Map Design of Liverpool City. In: AHFE International: Industrial Cognitive Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology , 35. pp. 125-133. (AHFE2022, 22nd Jul - 28th Jul 2022, New York, USA).

Guo, FB (2022) Towards an Ergonomic Interface in Ship Bridges: Identification of the Design Criteria. In: AHFE International: Industrial Cognitive Ergnomics and Engineering Psychology , 35. pp. 108-117. (AHFE 2022, 22nd Jul - 28th Jul 2022, New York, USA).

Guo, J, Feng, Y, Tang, C, Wang, L, Qing, X, Yang, Q and Ren, X (2022) Insight into Point Defects and Complex Defects in β-Mo2C and Carbide Evolution from First Principles. Materials, 15 (13). p. 4719. ISSN 1996-1944

Guo, Y, Jin, Y, Hu, S, Yang, Z, Xi, Y and Han, B (2022) Risk evolution analysis of ship pilotage operation by an integrated model of FRAM and DBN. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 229. p. 108850. ISSN 0951-8320


Hassan, S, Kontovas, CA, Bashir, M and Wang, J (2022) A Decision-Support System for Assessing Cross-Country Pipeline Systems: Approach Based on Evidential Reasoning and Cost–Benefit Analysis. Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice, 14 (1). ISSN 1949-1190

Hu, Z, Zhang, W, Degraeve, R, Garbin, D, Chai, Z, Saxena, N, Freitas, P, Fantini, A, Ravsher, T, Clima, S, Zhang, J, Delhougne, R, Goux, L and Kar, G (2022) New Insights of the Switching Process in GeAsTe Ovonic Threshold Switching (OTS) Selectors. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. ISSN 0018-9383

Huang, D, Wang, S, Loughney, S and Wang, J (2022) Evolutionary Game Model of Strategic Maritime Transport Passages: A Case of the Strait of Hormuz. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10 (3). ISSN 2077-1312

Huang, D, Wang, S, Loughney, S and Wang, J (2022) Evolutionary game model of strategic transport passages in the context of Belt and Road Initiative: A case of the Strait of Hormuz. In: 2021 6th International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety ICTIS . pp. 600-612. (2021 6th International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety (ICTIS), Wuhan, China).


Ishola, A and Kontovas, CA (2022) Managing Ship’s Ballast Water: A Feasibility Assessment of Mobile Port-Based Treatment. Sustainability, 14 (22).


Jayaseelan, J, Pazhani, A, Michael, AX, Paulchamy, J, Batako, A and Hosamane Guruswamy, PK (2022) Characterization Studies on Graphene-Aluminium Nano Composites for Aerospace Launch Vehicle External Fuel Tank Structural Application. Materials, 15 (17). ISSN 1996-1944

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Li, Q, Yuan, S, Gao, X, Zhang, Z, Chen, B, Li, Z and Batako, ADL (2022) Surface and subsurface formation mechanism of SiCp/Al composites under ultrasonic scratching. Ceramics International, 49 (1). pp. 817-833. ISSN 0272-8842

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