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Abilio, AP, Kleinschmidt, I, Rehman, AM, Cuamba, N, Ramdeen, V, Mthembu, DS, Coetzer, S, Maharaj, R, Wilding, CS, Steven, A, Coleman, M, Hemingway, J and Coleman, M (2011) The emergence of insecticide resistance in central Mozambique and potential threat to the successful indoor residual spraying malaria control programme. MALARIA JOURNAL, 10 (110). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1475-2875

Al-Dabbagh, S, McPhee, JS, Piasecki, M, Stewart, CE and Al-Shanti, N (2018) Soluble factors released from activated T-lymphocytes regulate C2C12 myoblast proliferation and cellular signalling, but effects are blunted in the elderly. Journals of Gerontology Series A. ISSN 1758-535X

Al-Majmaie, S, Nahar, L, Sharples, GP, Wadi, K and Sarker, SD (2019) Isolation and antimicrobial activity of rutin and its derivatives from Ruta chalepensis (Rutaceae) growing in Iraq. Records of Natural Products, 13 (1). pp. 64-70. ISSN 1307-6167

Alvarenga, LH, Gomes, AC, Carribeiro, P, Godoy-Miranda, B, Noschese, G, Simões Ribeiro, M, Kato, IT, Bussadori, SK, Pavani, C, Geraldo, YGE, Silva, DDFTD, Horliana, ACRT, Wainwright, M and Prates, RA (2019) Parameters for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy on periodontal pocket-Randomized clinical trial. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 27. pp. 132-136. ISSN 1873-1597

Anugulruengkitt, S, Songtaweesin, WN, Thepnarong, N, Tangthanapalakul, A, Sitthisan, M, Chatproedprai, S, Wititsuwannakul, J, Likitnukul, S, Jariyapan, N, Weedall, GD, Siriyasatien, P and Preativatanyou, K (2022) Case Report: Simple Nodular Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Autochthonous Leishmania (Mundinia) orientalis in an 18-Month-Old Girl: The First Pediatric Case in Thailand and Literature Review. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 108 (1). pp. 44-50. ISSN 0002-9637

Aronica, PGA, Verma, C, Popovic, B, Leatherbarrow, RJ and Gould, IR (2016) The Parasol Protocol for computational mutagenesis. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, 29 (7). pp. 253-261. ISSN 1741-0126


Ballard, A, Ahmad, HO, Narduolo, S, Rosa, L, Chand, N, Cosgrove, DA, Varkonyi, P, Asaad, N, Tomasi, S, Buurma, NJ and Leach, AG (2017) Quantitative Prediction of Rate Constants for Aqueous Racemization To Avoid Pointless Stereoselective Syntheses. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 57 (4). pp. 982-985. ISSN 1521-3773

Banat, IM, Diaz De Rienzo, MA and Quinn, GA (2014) Microbial biofilms: biosurfactants as antibiofilm agents. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98 (24). pp. 9915-9929. ISSN 0175-7598

Bardsley, M, Heinsbroek, E, Harris, R, Croxford, S, Edmundson, C, Hope, VD, Hassan, N, Ijaz, S, Mandal, S, Shute, J, Hutchinson, SJ, Hickman, M, Sinka, K and Phipps, E (2021) The Impact of Direct-Acting Antivirals on Hepatitis C viraemia among people who inject drugs in England; real world data 2011-2018. Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 28 (10). pp. 1452-1463. ISSN 1365-2893

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Bidula, S, Sexton, DW, Abdolrasouli, A, Shah, A, Reed, A, Armstrong-James, D and Schelenz, S (2015) The serum opsonin L-ficolin is detected in lungs of human transplant recipients following fungal infections and modulates inflammation and killing of Aspergillus fumigatus. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 212 (2). pp. 234-246. ISSN 1537-6613

Bidula, S, Sexton, DW and Schelenz, S (2015) Serum opsonin ficolin-A enhances host-fungal interactions and modulates cytokine expression from human monocyte-derived macrophages and neutrophils following Aspergillus fumigatus challenge. Medical Microbiology Immunology. ISSN 1432-1831

Birnbaum, H, Roughley, M and D'Sa, R (2020) Antimicrobial animals. Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine. ISSN 1745-3054

Bobrov, A, Qin, Y and Wilkinson, DM (2015) Latitudinal Diversity Gradients in Free-living Microorganisms - Hoogenraadia a Key Genus in Testate Amoebae Biogeography. ACTA PROTOZOOLOGICA, 54 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0065-1583

Bueno de Mesquita, CP, Nichols, LM, Gebert, MJ, Vanderburgh, C, Bocksberger, G, Lester, JD, Kalan, AK, Dieguez, P, McCarthy, MS, Agbor, A, Álvarez Varona, P, Ayimisin, AE, Bessone, M, Chancellor, R, Cohen, H, Coupland, C, Deschner, T, Egbe, VE, Goedmakers, A, Granjon, A-C , Grueter, CC, Head, J, Hernandez-Aguilar, RA, Jeffery, KJ, Jones, S, Kadam, P, Kaiser, M, Lapuente, J, Larson, B, Marrocoli, S, Morgan, D, Mugerwa, B, Mulindahabi, F, Neil, E, Niyigaba, P, Pacheco, L, Piel, AK, Robbins, MM, Rundus, A, Sanz, CM, Sciaky, L, Sheil, D, Sommer, V, Stewart, FA, Ton, E, van Schijndel, J, Vergnes, V, Wessling, EG, Wittig, RM, Ginath Yuh, Y, Yurkiw, K, Zuberbühler, K, Gogarten, JF, Heintz-Buschart, A, Muellner-Riehl, AN, Boesch, C, Kühl, HS, Fierer, N, Arandjelovic, M and Dunn, RR (2021) Structure of Chimpanzee Gut Microbiomes across Tropical Africa. mSystems, 6 (3). ISSN 2379-5077

Bugiardin, E, Bottani, E, Marchet, S, Poole, OV, Beninca, C, Horga, A, Woodward, C, Lam, A, Hargreaves, IP, Chalasani, A, Valerio, A, Lamantea, E, Venner, K, Holton, JL, Zeviani, M, Houlden, H, Quinlivan, R, Lamperti, C, Hanna, MG and Pitceathly, RDS (2020) Expanding the molecular and phenotypic spectrum of truncating MT-ATP6 mutations. Neurology Genetics, 6 (1). ISSN 2376-7839


Carnaghi, M, Rae, R, Tandingan De Ley, I, Johnston, E, Kindermann, G, Mc Donnell, R, O'Hanlon, A, Reich, I, Sheahan, J, Williams, CD and Gormally, MJ (2017) Nematode associates and susceptibility of a protected slug (Geomalacus maculosus) to four biocontrol nematodes. Biocontrol Science and Technology. ISSN 1360-0478

Chimutsa, M, Olakanye, AO, Thompson, TJU and Ralebitso-Senior, TK (2015) Soil fungal community shift evaluation as a potential cadaver decomposition indicator. Forensic Science International, 257. pp. 155-159. ISSN 0379-0738

Clarkson, CS, Miles, A, Harding, NJ, O'Reilly, AO, Weetman, D, Kwiatkowski, D, Donnelly, MJ and Anopheles gambiae 1000 Genomes Consortium, (2021) The genetic architecture of target-site resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in the African malaria vectors Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles coluzzii. Molecular Ecology. ISSN 0962-1083

Collins, J, Cilibrizzi, A, Fedorova, M, Whyte, G, Mak, LH, Guterman, I, Leatherbarrow, RJ, Woscholski, R and Vilar, R (2016) Vanadyl complexes with dansyl-labelled dipicolinic acid ligands: synthesis, phosphatase inhibition activity and cellular uptake studies. Dalton Transactions, 45 (16). pp. 7104-7113. ISSN 1477-9226

Creevy, Angela Lyn (2013) Microbial diversity of a nature reserve: eukaryotic microorganisms of Mere Sands Wood in N.W. England. Masters thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


Dadáková, E, Brožová, K, Piel, AK, Stewart, FA, Modrý, D, Celer, V and Hrazdilová, K (2017) Adenovirus infection in savanna chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) in the Issa Valley, Tanzania. Archives of Virology. ISSN 0304-8608


Diaz De Rienzo, MA, Aguirre, M, Martin, P and Galicia, M (2018) Influence of microbial adherence on corrosion of UNS 1008 carbon steel and hybrid nano-structured coatings. Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, 65 (2). pp. 152-157. ISSN 0003-5599

Diaz De Rienzo, MA, Banat, IM, Dolman, B, Winterburn, J and Martin, PJ (2015) Sophorolipid biosurfactants: Possible uses as antibacterial and antibiofilm agent. New Biotechnology, 32 (6). pp. 720-726. ISSN 1871-6784

Diaz De Rienzo, MA, Kamalanathan, ID and Martin, PJ (2016) Comparative study of the production of rhamnolipid biosurfactants by B. thailandensis E264 and P. aeruginosa ATCC 9027 using foam fractionation. Process Biochemistry, 51 (7). pp. 820-827. ISSN 1359-5113

Diaz De Rienzo, MA and Martin, PJ (2016) Effect of Mono and Di-rhamnolipids on Biofilms Pre-formed by Bacillus subtilis BBK006. Current Microbiology, 73 (2). pp. 183-189. ISSN 0343-8651

Diaz De Rienzo, MA, Pavone, D, Trujillo, L and Dorta, B (2009) A GRANULAR FORMULATION OF Nomuraea rileyi Farlow (Samson) FOR THE CONTROL OF Spodoptera frugiperda (LEPIDOPTERA: NOCTUIDAE). Interciencia, 34 (2). pp. 130-134. ISSN 0378-1844

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Dykes, IM, Szumska, D, Kuncheria, L, Puliyadi, R, Chen, C, Papanayotou, C, Lockstone, H, Dubourg, C, David, V, Schneider, JE, Keane, TM, Adams, DJ, Brown, SDM, Mercier, S, Odent, S, Collignon, J and Bhattacharya, S (2018) A Requirement for Zic2 in the Regulation of Nodal Expression Underlies the Establishment of Left-Sided Identity. Scientific Reports, 8. ISSN 2045-2322


Edmunds, SV (2018) Genetic Analysis of Tritrophic Interactions between Entompathogenic Nematodes, Symbiotic Bacteria and Blood – Sucking Flies. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.

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Edwards, T, Burke, PA, Smalley, HB, Gillies, L and Hobbs, G (2014) Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Test for Detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Urine Samples and Tolerance of the Assay to the Presence of Urea. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 52 (6). pp. 6163-6165. ISSN 0095-1137

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Enoch, SJ, Schultz, T, Popova, I, Vasilev, K and Mekenyan, O (2018) Development of a decision tree for mitochondrial dysfunction: Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. Chemical Research in Toxicology. ISSN 0893-228X

Esemu, SN, Dong, X, Kfusi, AJ, Hartley, CS, Ndip, RN, Ndip, LM, Darby, AC, Post, RJ and Makepeace, BL (2019) Aquatic Hemiptera in Southwest Cameroon: Biodiversity of Potential Reservoirs of Mycobacterium ulcerans and multiple wolbachia sequence types revealed by metagenomics. Diversity, 11 (12). ISSN 1424-2818


Fadel, AN, Ibrahim, SS, Sandeu, MM, Tatsinkou, CGM, Menze, BD, Irving, H, Hearn, J, Nagi, SC, Weedall, GD, Terence, E, Tchapga, W, Wanji, S and Wondji, CS (2024) Exploring the molecular mechanisms of increased intensity of pyrethroid resistance in Central African population of a major malaria vector Anopheles coluzzii. Evolutionary Applications, 17 (2). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1752-4563

Foulkes, JM, Deplanche, K, Sargent, F, Macaskie, LE and Lloyd, JR (2016) A Novel Aerobic Mechanism for Reductive Palladium Biomineralization and Recovery by Escherichia coli. Geomicrobiology Journal, 33 (3-4). pp. 230-236. ISSN 1521-0529


Gomez, F, Kiriakoulakis, K and Lara, E (2017) Achradina pulchra, a Unique Dinoflagellate (Amphilothales, Dinophyceae) with a Radiolarian-like Endoskeleton of Celestite (Strontium Sulfate). Acta Protozoologica, 56 (2). pp. 71-76. ISSN 0065-1583

Gray, K, Elghadban, S, Thongyoo, P, Owen, KA, Szabo, R, Bugge, TH, Tate, EW, Leatherbarrow, RJ and Ellis, V (2014) Potent and specific inhibition of the biological activity of the type-II transmembrane serine protease matriptase by the cyclic microprotein MCoTI-II. Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 112 (2). pp. 402-411. ISSN 0340-6245


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Hernández-Villegas, Y, Ortega Martorell, S, Arus, C, Vellido, A and Julia-Sape, M (2019) Extraction of artefactual MRS patterns from a large database using non-negative matrix factorization. NMR in Biomedicine. ISSN 0952-3480

Heseltine, T, Hughes, E, Mattew, J, Murray, S, Ortega-Martorell, S, Olier, I, Dey, D, Lip, GYH and Khoo, S (2023) The association of epicardial adipose tissue volume and density with coronary calcium in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients. Journal of Infection. ISSN 0163-4453

Hunt, CO and Morawska, Z (2020) Are your hands clean? Pollen retention on the human hand after washing. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 280. ISSN 0034-6667

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Ince, A P (2006) The cultivation of marine microalgae within a tubular photobioreactor as a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Doctoral thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.


Jay-Smith, M, Wang, ZL, Al-Kassas, R, Murphy, EC, Shapiro, L, Eason, CT, Brimble, MA and Rennison, D (2021) Separation, characterisation and biological evaluation of the individual isomers of the rat selective toxicant norbormide – isolated using a chemical derivatization strategy. Arkivoc, 2021 (10). ISSN 1551-7012

Jones, DWN, Senior, E, Rahman, PKSM and Ralebitso-Senior, TK (2011) Anaerobic digestion in a multi-stage plug flow bioreactor: Revisiting an age-old process with modern molecular tools. In: Proceedings of the Bioten Conference on Biomass, Bioenergy and Biofuels . (Bioten 2010, 21-23rd September 2010, Birmingham, UK).


Kaneko, K, Osman, NM, Carini, V, Scagnetti, G and Saleem, IY (2020) Overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Mucosal Sites for the Delivery of Nanoparticles. In: Muttil, P and kunda, N, (eds.) Mucosal Delivery of Drugs and Biologics in Nanoparticles. AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series, 41 . Springer Nature. ISBN 3030359107

Khan, KM, Nahar, L, Mannan, A, Ul-Haq, I, Arfan, M, Ali Khan, G, Hussain, I and Sarker, SD (2017) Cytotoxicity, In vitro anti-Leishmanial and fingerprint HPLC- photodiode array analysis of the roots of Trillium govanianum. Natural Product Research. ISSN 1478-6419

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Cieszyńska, I, Czajka, B, Czapla, B, Czerner, M, Czerwińska, B, Czuryszkiewicz, W, Daleka, E, Dawid, Z, Dąbrowska, M, Dąbrowska, R, Dąbrowski, D, Dąbrowski, M, Demczyszyn, K, Dębowska-Serwińska, A, Dmochowski, J, Dobrzecka-Kiwior, J, Dolanowska, E, Dolanowski, H, Dołek, P, Domagała, M, Domański, H, Doszel, A, Duda, D, Dudkowska, M, Dudziuk, B, Dybciak, P, Dymanowski, M, Dziadzio-Bolek, L, Eicke, M, El-Hassan, H, Eremus, A, Fąferek-Muller, M, Figura-Roguska, E, Fijałkowska-Kaczmarek, I, Flis, M, Florczak, T, Florczuk, M, Foryszewska-Witan, E, Frydrych, W, Fugiel, A, Futyma, E, Gaca-Jaroszewicz, A, Gajdamowicz, I, Ganczarski, K, Gatnar, A, Gers, M, Głowacki, A, Głód, K, Godula, J, Gołąb, J, Gołębiewski, M, Goszczyńska, E, Gościcka, K, Górna-Hajduga, A, Górny, E, Grabowska, T, Grabowski, R, Graczyk-Duda, A, Gromow, A, Grudewicz, A, Gruszecka, J, Gruszka, A, Gryboś, J, Grzebyk, J, Grzechowiak, A, Grzesiak, D, Grześkowiak, T, Guźla, A, Hachuła, G, Hawel, B, Hiltawska, H, Honkowicz, E, Ignatowicz, J, Imielski, K, Iwaniura, A, Jagieła-Szymala, A, Jalć-Sowała, M, Janczylik, A, Janisz, E, Janiszek, M, Jankiewicz-Ziobro, K, Januszewska, K, Jaremek, A, Jaros-Urbaniak, A, Jarosz, J, Jarosz, P, Jasiński, W, Jezierska-Wasilewska, M, Jędraszewski, T, Jędrzejowska, A, Józefowicz, R, Juźwin, K, Kacprzak, E, Kaczmarek-Szewczyk, J, Kaczmarzyk, M, Kandziora, R, Kaniewski, C, Karolak-Brandt, L, Kasperczyk, S, Kasperek-Dyląg, E, Kedziora, I, Kępa, A, Kiciński, J, Kielak-Al-Hosam, J, Kiełczawa, Ł, Kilimowicz, P, Kitliński, K, Kiwka, T, Klein, U, Klichowicz, L, Klimowicz, A, Klonowski, B, Kmolek, B, Kobyłko-Klepacka, E, Kocoń, A, Kolenda, A, Kollek, E, Kopeć, M, Koper-Kozikowska, B, Koralewska, J, Korczyńska, M, Korzeniewski, MT, Kosk, A, Kotarski, K, Kowalczyk, E, Kowalczyk, M, Kowalik, I, Kozak-Błażkiewicz, B, Kozik, M, Kozłowska, D, Kozłowska, E, Kozłowska, M, Kozubski, T, Kózka, K, Kraśnik, L, Krężel, T, Krochmal, B, Król, B, Król, G, Król, J, Królikowska, T, Kruszewska, H, 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